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eCommerce Business in the Custom Designed Socks, T-Shirts & Jewelry Verticals – 4 Websites & Brands – 1,000+ SKUs – 16% Repeat Order Rate – All In House Demands

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Website Closers® presents a business operating four successful eCommerce brands, each one thriving with a strong customer base for their unique niche appeal in multiple product verticals.

This gives a buyer a unique opportunity to not only enjoy recurring revenues from 4 profitable sites, but to have multiple opportunities for both near and far term scale. These sites are doing exceptionally well in just 3 years of operations and have equally impressive growth potential. Since all their products are proprietary and based on their own designs, a buyer has the added advantage of marketing SKUs that can’t be found elsewhere – and that have drawn glowing reviews from satisfied customers.

eCommerce has completed changed the field of retail, while also radically changing the concept of what it means to start a business. Today, more than 63% of shopping journeys start online, significantly enhancing the appeal of starting an eCommerce site on a platform such as Shopify, which has more than 1 million merchants selling there.

Marketing proprietary products can give a seller a clear advantage over those reselling more common items, and this can be especially profitable if the company has a smart marketing strategy that produces high organic traffic and a strong connection with their customer base.

The company carefully researched its products. The websites market popular items such as socks, t-shirts and jewelry, but with a difference: all products are from their own specialized designs, created by their design team and sold under their brand name with custom packaging. If customers want their specific products, these four sites are the only way to find them. Their products were not chosen randomly. Their niche spaces were chosen after researching and launching test brands in 15 different categories, until they found four spaces with the most active buyer groups available. In effect, the company knew exactly what their audience wanted before they even launched.

Sales have remained strong, and the number of SKUs they offer has skyrocketed, giving their customers more options and the brand more opportunities for upsells and continued expansion of their customer base. Their site devoted to themed designer socks now has 114 SKUs, and their print on demand apparel has 234 parent SKUs and, with the ability to offer different colors, themes, sizes and t-shirt styles, more than 10,400+ products altogether. All products are customized and manufactured entirely for this brand. The company continues to expand, and in 2022, their focus is on international sales and taking their products to a global audience.

This is a smooth, seamless operation. How challenging is it to manage separate websites? When the sites are expertly set up to be highly automated, not much of a time commitment at all. The current owners now work no more than 15 hours per week managing all 4 sites, with their primary tasks focused on product development and marketing. 90% of the daily workload is handled by an experienced team of virtual assistants who manage customer service, social media, and supply chain issues. Once their products are sourced from their suppliers, orders are drop shipped by the suppliers. All fulfillment is managed by their third-party suppliers. For their designer socks, they maintain up to 3,000 items in inventory to keep up with demand, although they obviously do not stock any print on demand products.

Their Average Order Value ranges from $31 on their designer socks to $51 on their print on demand items, and the products face no seasonality limits. In fact, these products were specifically chosen to balance out one another’s seasonal appeal so sales would remain strong year-round.

A marketing strategy is in place. With multiple eCommerce sites, this brand has relied on a multifaceted approach to marketing and advertising their 4 websites. The parent company has an email database of nearly 200,000 subscribers across the brands, and they have effectively used email marketing to connect with their customers.

That and their text messaging – which include informational newsletters to customers – has given the brand a 16% Repeat Customer Rate, and those figures are rising. The brand also shares content about new products on their social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Their SEO program works to boost organic traffic to all four sites through use of keywords strategically placed throughout each site. This program is working, since their designer socks site has 81,000+ unique monthly visitors, while their print on demand sites averages between 51,000+ and 70,000+ monthly visits.

One of the biggest options for growth is to expand sales onto popular sites such as Amazon, Etsy, Walmart, and eBay, which offer major scale opportunities for each of their products.

This company is a highly successful operation with numerous key Value Propositions. They have a massive variety to sell, offering thousands of unique products, which have received glowing praise from their customers for using high-quality materials. Their pricing is highly competitive, and their fast shipping guarantees strong and reliable customer service.

In addition, their unique designs remain one of their most significant value propositions. This is a brand that has designed its own reliably strong future, complete with excellent scale opportunities across four sites. Contact Website Closers today so our brokers can give you a better concept of how profitable this brand is likely to become.

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Website Closers
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Listing ID: WC 2627

Asking Price
$ 950,000
Cash Flow
$ 271,116
Gross Income
$ 2,941,804
Year Established

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