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eCommerce Business in the Health & Wellness Sector for Women – 5 Private Label Brands – Sales Channels include Amazon FBA, Etsy, eBay & Multiple Shopify Websites


Website Closers® presents an opportunity to own a thriving eCommerce business that successfully operates multiple brands in multiple channels, each one within an enormously lucrative niche field in the overall Health & Wellness Sector. With a strong presence on Amazon, Shopify, Etsy and more, each of their 5 brands enjoys minimal competition and a rapidly increasing, loyal customer base. Covering popular fields such as nutritional supplements, health & beauty products, and organic feminine care, there’s enormous potential for this wellness company to scale both through additional opportunities available in eCommerce, as well as via retail.

A unique approach in selecting which products to sell, as well as the company’s inventory strategy, have been major contributors to the success they have seen to date. While many brands use automated software to research popular items, their innovative technique has proven successful time and time again. This approach has worked well to identify opportunities in lower competition product arrays.

An impressively diverse selection of items, ranging from moss supplements to garden soil, incense, fitness supplies, dietary supplements and many more now account for more than 80 SKUs across the 5 brands, giving this business the advantage of steady recurring revenues and a growing customer base on each site.

Driving efficiency through automation, this turnkey operation only requires 20 hours per week from ownership, with a focus on tasks such as managing suppliers and ordering inventory, overseeing PPC ad campaigns, and handling customer service inquiries. Some work is outsourced, including product labeling, ingredient mixing and bag filling, and bundling. Why did this company decide to expand to 5 brands, and how has it managed each one so successfully? Their story is well worth considering.

Launched a decade ago as an Amazon seller for products designed to boost wellness and improve body functions, they selected a host of organic products that had been operating under the radar but had nevertheless proven to be strong sellers.

Two brands were developed, then expanded to five websites, all revolving around organic and health-promoting SKUs. Initially they were focused on selling primarily through Amazon and using Fulfillment by Amazon for shipments. In addition to finding products they expected would sell, they put a high emphasis on using professional photos and copywriting, and high-quality packaging to develop brand recognition synonymous with quality and healthy living. This turned out to be a highly successful approach. Most items have been performing exceptionally well on Amazon, prompting the company to expand sales onto a host of other sales channels, including eBay and Etsy and their own Shopify sites. All products are  custom-made for the company  by their carefully selected manufacturers and sold under their 5 brand names.

Sales remain brisk throughout the year for all brands, thanks to the diverse selection of listings. Even their garden soil, which is considered a seasonal product best used in spring or summer, enjoys healthy sales throughout the year due to vigorous marketing.

Having so many SKUs has enabled this brand to offer a wide variety of price points, from their soil selling for $17 to their supplements ranging from $32-36. Amazon is used efficiently for selling products through a subscription model via their Subscribe & Save Monthly program, which has a growing number of participants. This range grants them access to a wide number of demographics amongst shoppers.

All products are fully stocked, and the company does not use the drop ship method. They have traditionally stocked 6 months’ worth of inventory at Amazon, and they also house a growing amount of inventory at their 3PL warehouse. The company has experienced tremendous success with its bundles and multi-packs and could create considerably more. The company has a single bundle that now generates 21% of sales.

Highly popular and only increasing in demand, products in the health and wellness vertical are an excellent option for investors hoping to see consistent growth with a multitude of scale options. Slicing through the competition and standing out amongst the noise, highly effective Amazon PPC ads have performed well to promote the product listings. Ads on Google directs traffic to their Shopify sites, all of which benefit from operating in low-competition niches.

Aggressive social media marketing has served them well. And on Amazon, a glowing 4.9 Seller Rating based on 1,114+ seller account reviews along with  numerous Amazon Choice badges over the years make this brand pop. Scale can be achieved through two different possible avenues: SKU expansion, and increased marketing to drive traffic.

The existing SKUs are all in a particular niche and benefit from limited competition, but increasing selections to include more commonly marketed products could boost sales. Their more specified offerings already have a loyal audience, and they could capitalize on their excellent brand recognition to offer vitamins, branded fitness equipment, and more alongside these products.

Video ads as well as SEO-optimized listing text could help drive Amazon traffic, taking advantage of the aesthetics-driven market they operate in. Visual ads as a whole could be an excellent avenue to explore.

Social media influencers are extremely popular in the health and wellness community, and working on an influencer program to take advantage of this could prove highly profitable. YouTube yogis, gardening bloggers, “Fitstagrammers,” and more are all promising prospects who would be enthused to collaborate with this visually striking brand. Informative site blogs would also improve SEO and assist in driving traffic.

Email marketing is a viable avenue to explore as well, especially considering an existing 21,000 subscribers in their email database. A regular email newsletter could be an enormously effective way to offer promotions, introduce new products, and reengage with existing customers for upsells.

Exploring retail distribution would drive serious B2B sales, as several top retailers have already reached out to the brand to carry some of their products. These items would all see excellent in-person sales with health food, nutrition, and even skincare retailers. In addition to B2B, expanding into global markets could bring quick scaling though Amazon’s international distribution network.

The market for organic supplements and related health, fitness and wellness items is consistently growing, and all five impressive brands under this offering are flourishing within it. Driving growth and climbing toward a bright future, this stunning brand is a great opportunity to turn over a new leaf in the organics market.

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