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eCommerce Business with 5 Brands – Organic, Beauty & Health Focused Verticals – Nutritional Supplements, Powders, Mixes, Pet and Beauty Products – Strong Subscription Base


Website Closers® presents an eCommerce company that has carved out an eCommerce presence in the field of Branded Health and Beauty Products. The company has quickly grown to now market 5 separate brands across multiple websites (DTC), Amazon, Etsy and eBay. Their wide selection of health and wellness brands span multiple demographics, making this a phenomenal opportunity for an investor looking to take a healthy bite out of this flourishing market. Among the 5 separate brands, each one operates within a successful niche space, giving a buyer multiple opportunities for near term growth.  Even better, the brand has found ways to maintain a strategic edge over its competitors. A solid foothold coupled with these glowing growth opportunities puts this brand ahead of the pack.

A Strong Presence on Amazon. Launched a decade ago, the company was founded on Amazon, marketing nutritional supplements and other health products that boost wellness. From the start, sales have been strong; Amazon has put this brand in the spotlight before millions of customers. More importantly, this thriving eCommerce business found a loyal customer base for an increasingly wide range of products, including beauty and pet care items.

A key aspect of their success has been their method for selecting which SKUs to offer customers. Their approach from the start? Study the competition. Instead of using software to choose products similar to what competitors were listing, this company charted a different path. That system can be taught to a buyer after closing and is worth far more than the company as a whole given how the business can be scaled using this system on any number of categories in the future. The company focuses on future SKUs that have an impressive sales history under other brands and ranked highly in their individual product category. But at the same time, competition was limited, which gave this brand a unique opportunity to corner the market on these popular but underutilized items. This system has proven successful time and time again.

Their SKUs have grown enormously. Finding the right kind of items to list has been a financial windfall for this company. Their SKUs have continued to expand as they discover new items with terrific sales potential, and their products are remarkably diverse. They now offer baby food, garden soil, fertility tea, incense, herbal tea blends, feminine care solutions, exercise devices, pet supplies, and numerous product bundles – a total of 80 SKUs. The result has been recurring revenues and a customer base that keeps expanding.

Only two separate brands were developed initially, but as their operations grew in profitability, the company launched five websites which all offer organic and health-promoting SKUs. With so many products available to their consumers, the company offers a wide range of price points, from $17 for their soil to supplements priced up to $36.

Another key selling point for this brand has been their subscription plan on Amazon’s Subscribe & Save Monthly program. The company now enjoys a fast-growing number of participants, and their success is also reflected in highly enthusiastic customer feedback. This company enjoys a spectacular 4.9 Seller Rating based on 1,114+ reviews and have received numerous Amazon Choice badges over the years.

This is a seamless operation. Products have been quickly shipped through Fulfillment by Amazon, and sales are so strong that they stock 6 months’ worth of inventory at Amazon while also housing a growing amount of inventory at their 3PL warehouse. The company also invests in professional photos, first-rate copywriting, and high-quality packaging to attract and retain their customers.

A social media following of over 10,000 on Instagram alone positions this brand for flourishing scaling. A more aggressive posting schedule, affiliate programs, and influencer campaigns capitalizing on this brand’s fresh aesthetic could easily double sales volume when fulfilment operations are ready.

Today, organic supplements and products designed for health and wellness remain in high demand, and this brand has set the standard for how to market them online. Contact Website Closers today to discover what a healthy opportunity this could be!

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Asking Price
$ 4,250,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,020,922
Gross Income
$ 3,493,831
Year Established