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eCommerce Clothing Manufacturer & Platform with 11 Brands – 40% Repeat Order Rate – $500k in Machinery & $3.5M in Inventory Included – In house Design, Printing & Production


Website Closers® presents an opportunity to acquire a company not only operating very successfully in the lucrative and competitive field of clothing and apparel but also one that has become a genuine pioneer in full-print clothing. The company’s initial launch was so successful that they have since created or acquired 11 separate brands and remains profitable as a fully independent clothing and apparel manufacturer. The company creates its own proprietary SKUs at its manufacturing plants in Poland and warehouses its own stock … so they are not impacted by any current supply chain snags.

The company has been an amazing innovator in another way: they created their own eCommerce platform. Developed over the past 7 years, the tech stack was built around modules that can be adapted to the requirements of any type of product. This is a significant accomplishment – a platform that would cost a competitor nearly $2 million to replicate. Their information technology has an easy integration with marketplace platforms, which is why they have driven such high profits.

Finally, this company has expanded its customer base through an aggressive influencer marketing campaign that has achieved enormous success in driving sales and improving their brand recognition. This is an acquisition that provides a buyer with an apparel manufacturer that is not just highly functional, but highly innovative as well. The company’s listing price even includes $500,000+ in machinery and $3.5 million in inventory waiting for orders to come in.

The company was launched in 2011 as a direct-to-consumer business model creating new brands of clothing, which were sold entirely through eCommerce. With the ability to manufacture their own line of t-shirts, hoodies, swim shorts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and leggings, they have developed 30 models and thousands of prints. Their athletic leisurewear products alone represent 200+ SKUs.

Today the company specializes in spotting or creating new trends. As they continue to launch new websites with different brands, they have focused on sites devoted to sportswear, elegant casual wear for women, and other specialized trends.All the styles and designs are created by this company, which now has thousands of unique artwork and models they own.

Their SKUs are not chosen randomly. This is a data-driven company that conducts an analysis of the newest trends to carefully select which products will reap the strongest financial rewards. One of their platforms allows graphics artists to order custom print-on-demand fabrics. The company has dominated this niche space it created, and estimates are that it holds roughly 50% of the global market for this vertical.

A good example of their appeal has been a brand they established in 2018, created at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains, and designed to empower athletes and those who make physical activity a part of a healthy lifestyle. Their products include seamless high-waist leggings, pocket leggings, biker shorts, and arcade bras. Available in both women’s and menswear, these products have drawn 5 Star reviews from customers who rave about their comfortable fit and elegant look.

With their own unique eCommerce platforms, scaling this company would be as simple and effective as diversifying the product offering. Their data research gives them a careful analysis of the newest trends in apparel, enabling them to accurately predict the likely success of each future trend. This process has already led to the creation of five of their new platforms in the same year, and those selections have proven to be a huge success. They know how to spot emerging trends and adapt

Their proprietary platform has a well-functioning admin panel that ensures workflow optimization. It can easily be integrated with other systems including logistics providers, payment operators, or marketplace connections. The admin panel has tools to manage customer data, product life cycles, photos, videos, and prices. Used to construct the top layer of any new eCommerce store, it allows the Company to quickly launch a new brand.

The company has a global outreach. Their DTC sales are made in the European Union but also in the US, Canada, and Australia. While DTC has been their strongest driver to date, they have a growing wholesale market as well. They have 50+ wholesale and marketplace accounts that represent 25% of their overall sales, a big jump in the past year.

Today the company is making between 50 and 1,000+ shipments per day as their customer base continues expanding. To keep up with high demand, the company maintains 150,000+ pieces stocked at their 10,000-square-foot warehouse. Inventory is maintained at that level year-round since seasonality s not a factor in their sales, which remain consistently vibrant.

Influencer campaigns have been a key tool for them, bringing their print brands an average return on investment of 6, significantly higher than other digital marketing tools.

Additional digital marketing tools that they employ include email newsletters (they maintain 250,000+ subscribers in their email database), social media marketing on sites such as Facebook and Instagram (combining all 11 brands, they have several million followers), PPC ads on Google, and an SEO program focusing on a blog and on putting popular keywords in their product descriptions.

These tools are providing a major boost to their organic traffic and the company now gets up to 300,000+ unique visitors each month.

Their email campaigns have been highly effective for upsells since the company has a 40% Repeat Customer Rate for some of its brands.

The company employs 150 people who handle all daily functions, so the current owner spends just 2-3 hours per day on this business, mainly in a supervisory position.

Their team includes 3 full-time customer service employees.

The current owner is available to assist in all fields during the transition, directly and operationally, to ensure this is a smooth process as the company is transferred to the new buyer.

Globally, the online clothing and footwear market has proven to be enduring, recession-proof, and highly profitable today. While clothing is clearly an everyday necessity, consumers are always looking for new and exciting apparel trends, both in terms of look and style and affordability and quality.

As a massively successful direct-to-consumer eCommerce player that has developed its own niche and unique brand concepts, this company’s future is a very bright one indeed.

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