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eCommerce Company – 3 Scaling Brands – Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Products – 40% Repeat Order Rate – Pending Design & Utility Patents


Website Closers® presents a rare three-in-one eCommerce Package Deal. Each of these brands is growing and operate multi-channel (70% of sales are Direct to Consumer via their branded websites, and 30% are generated via Amazon). They offer a wide range of consumable, high-quality products designed for repeatable purchases, making for consistent revenue streams across the board. The company has design and utility patents pending, which increases the value of the overall portfolio. And with a 40% Combined Repeat Order Rate, the company has proven that its products are well-received and very sticky with consumers.

The brands have been strategically positioned to appeal to both budget-conscious and environmentally-aware consumers, allowing them to engage with a diverse range of customers across all ages and demographics. By offering high-quality, sustainable products at accessible price points, these brands empower customers to make responsible choices without compromising on performance or affordability.

This carefully curated combination of brands in desirable markets has enabled this online business to tap into the growing consumer interest in eco-friendly products and services, ensuring their continued relevance and success in an increasingly environmentally conscious market. The company has 76 SKUs distributed across the 3 brands offered, and they rely on three key suppliers for their incredible products: one supplier for each brand.

They use a 100% stock model for each facet of the business, and they have set up their storefronts across a healthy variety of storefronts. Along with having a unique website set up for each of their brands, the company also sells from Amazon and Walmart, with Amazon making up for the bulk of their overall sales.

Each brand is structured to cater to a different industry and offer a range of benefits that truly make this deal stand out.

Brand 1

The first brand in the lineup is an eCommerce business dedicated to providing plant-based solutions to a common problem that consumers everywhere struggle with – pests. Their products, which lack the harsh chemicals or offensive odors that many other pest-control solutions suffer from, use natural ingredients and rechargeable, solar-powered devices to handle pests. Whether a customer is dealing with mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, roaches, or any other troublesome insect, they can easily find an answer that is both family and pet friendly.

The eco-friendly and sustainable nature of these products gives them a strong appeal for people who love the environment, but don’t want to deal with some of the issues that the environment can throw their way every now and again. They have an Average Order Value of $46.88 and a Customer Lifetime Value of $93.58. Customers are more than happy to return to the business once they realize the effectiveness of their products, and as some of the products in question require sustainable refills and replacements, customers are motivated to keep purchasing from the brand whenever their supply runs low. As such, their Repeat Order Rate is about 49.90%. The brand also sees nearly 1.2 million average users every month on their website.

Unsurprisingly for a brand specializing in pest control, they see the most demand during the spring, summer, and autumn months. However, winter months also see consistent sales for rodent-repelling products, ensuring that the brand maintains a steady revenue stream throughout the year.

The brand has also recently begun expanding into retail distribution, which opens the company up to promising wholesale revenue in the future. The brand has taken their first steps towards this new avenue with initial seasonal promotions at Albertsons and has engaged with Koval Williamson, a manufacturer’s rep firm, to support its expansion into retail distribution. This move showcases the company’s potential for further growth and diversification, while also increasing its visibility and accessibility to a broader customer base. On top of this, they have started building a presence on the Share-a-Sale affiliate platform, which offers the potential for increased brand exposure and partnership opportunities.

Brand 2

The second brand centers around offering eco-conscious cleaning solutions that combine high performance and sustainability. Their products make it possible for customers to wash their laundry, store trash, and clean their kitchens and bathrooms without, much like the pest-control brand, relying on harsh chemicals to do the job. Many of their products are also compostable and/or reusable, which cuts down on plastic waste and keeps their customers coming back for more.

Their product line includes, but isn’t by any means limited to, dryer sheets, stain removal kits, compostable trash bags, cleaner tablets, and eco-friendly soap. They have an Average Order Value of $48.90, and their Customer Lifetime Value sits at about $98.44. Their Repeat Customer Rate is especially impressive, clocking in at a thriving 50.32%. As households require sustainable cleaning products year-round, this brand’s lack of seasonality reflects that, generating consistent revenue and growth that the buyer will be able to enjoy even throughout less profitable quarters. They see nearly 290,000 average users every month on their website.

Brand 3

Last, but most certainly not least, is the company’s third brand, dedicated to effective and accessibly priced air ionization devices. Customers can breathe easy with the knowledge that their air will be filtered with innovative and eco-friendly designs, without having to break the bank to purchase them. Along with their ionizers and odor solution product, the brand also sells replacement filters, which plays a significant role in their Repeat Customer Rate.

The brand has an impressive Average Order Value of $127.80, and they have a Customer Lifetime Value of $147.25. Their Repeat Customer Order is lower than that of their sibling brands, at 13.20%, but they more than make up for it in the substantial size of their average customer order. The brand’s website also receives plenty of advertising from the company’s extensive marketing plan, which, along with their devices drawing in a fair share of customers looking for quality air filters, has given them an average monthly viewer rate of nearly 2 million.

They follow a traditional retail calendar, with sales patterns typically reflecting seasonal shifts in consumer behavior. This allows the brand to capitalize on peak shopping periods and adjust marketing efforts accordingly.

Marketing Campaign

Along with the first brand’s exploration of retail distribution, the company has constructed an incredibly thoughtful marketing campaign that applies to all three of their brands. The foundation of their marketing strategy is built upon direct response digital marketing, which targets each brand’s core customer personas. By leveraging powerful channels such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Affiliate Marketing, the demand generation model effectively drives customer acquisition and brand awareness.

The company also makes use of email marketing campaigns, utilizing the over 1.3 million active emails at their disposal that are spread across their brands. They also make use of brand social media and third-party marketplaces, ensuring a well-rounded approach that maximizes reach and engagement.

Scale Opportunities

Each of the brands that the company maintains enjoys no shortage of scale opportunities, with plenty of overlap between the three. Expansion into various additional channels and avenues, for instance, would benefit the company, and drastically improve their profits with the right strategies. Their Amazon storefronts are still in their infancy, and by growing them they can not only diversify their revenue, but use them as an easily accessible means of pursuing further global expansion, as the US currently makes up for 99% of their total sales.

They could also continue building their relationship with, and establish new partnerships with major retailers such as QVC and Target. As their first brand is already taking steps towards stronger retail sales, this could prove a highly effective method for the buyer to explore post-purchase, letting the brands grow in mass retail, grocery, club, and hardware sectors.

Developing their marketing campaign further would make their brands more popular than ever, and the company is already more than aware of this fact. They have plans to explore additional channels throughout 2023, including YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok, Influencer Marketing, TV & OTT, Podcasts, and Affiliate Marketing. Their email marketing campaign has also proven to be promising, and if the buyer continues to work on it, it’s likely to significantly increase their Repeat Customer Rate and overall profitability.


This acquisition poses an invaluable opportunity for a buyer to purchase brands based within industries that appeal to customers of all demographics, and have the bonus of providing high-quality, sustainable offerings that are hard to find anywhere else. This unique mix ensures a balanced revenue stream, providing stability and growth potential, and has set up several pathways to success that the buyer can use to their own benefit.

If you’re interested in this three-in-one deal and everything that it can offer you, then you’re in luck. Contact Website Closers today, and our brokers will get you started on the process of acquiring this excellent find for yourself.

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