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eCommerce Company with 2 Brands and 4 Shopify Websites – Men’s & Women’s Jewelry


Website Closers® presents a thriving DTC eCommerce Business that provides unique and trendy Men’s Jewelry and Women’s Gemstone Pieces across 2 Brands and 4 Shopify Websites. They only offer their products on their Shopify Storefronts, leaving Amazon and Etsy as two immediate, low hanging fruit opportunities for growth.

The bulk of their sales are driven by Facebook Ads, where the brand has a loyal and significant following. Email marketing to their database of 123,000+ subscribers brings in most of the remaining sales. Together, the brands see 250,000+ monthly website visits. They also tend to see very little seasonality in the business. Combine that with the beautiful margins, and a $47.50 Average Order Value, and you’re left with a very strong business that has a firm foundation for growth.

The business currently operates as a drop ship model – this allows them to operate without inventory and without all the overhead costs associated with storing and shipping inventory. This offers a new owner the flexibility of working from anywhere, or if they would like to begin inventorying some products, to only focus on big hitters. Since the company sells jewelry items and gemstones, very little space would be needed to for storage should it be decided to go that route.

The gemstone collection consists of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and Apple Watch straps. The collection conveys beauty and healing through immaculate, authentic stones, crystal beads, and genuine leather, amongst other premium materials. The men’s jewelry catalog consists of bracelets, bracelet sets and rings. These jewelry pieces are crafted with high-quality stainless steel that doesn’t fade, tarnish, or lose color, and the designs are exquisite. What sets the men’s brand apart is the style and range, while the depth of products, which reflect powerful meaning for the wearer, is a USP for the gemstone brand. Consumers, young and older, are seeking jewelry that empowers their souls. This business has products that do just that.

The company is continually launching new products to acquire repeat customers. There is a large market of jewelry-wearers who have a love and appreciation for meaningful and luxury pieces at an affordable price. Many reviews from happy customers express the quality of the products and the purposefulness that reflects the wearer’s personality.

This business provides quality products with a quality touch. Packing for each item adds a delightful touch to the customer experience. The products are delivered in mailer boxes with the company brand on top, and the jewelry is placed inside cotton pouches.

Typical Customer, by Brand. The Gemstone customers are women, from around the world, between 30 and 65. Customers are split between a group that is genuinely interested in gemstones and their healing properties and another that is merely interested in the style of the items. The brand has a 20% repeat customer rate and a lifetime value of $55. The jewelry brand customers are men in the US, between 30 and 55, interested in classy jewelry. The lifetime value of a customer is $53. Those numbers are expected to increase with additional products.

Simple Operation. This company’s operation is simple and easy to learn, requiring no special skills. Because of its dropshipping model, processes are streamlined to be effective and manageable. The company’s supplier is reliable and ships all the orders to the customers directly, with access to view orders via a Shopify app.

The owners work just three hours a day and primarily focus on maintaining Facebook Ads and keeping in touch with their supplier.

Across the business, only three staff are needed, all working as VA’s. They handle customer service emails and maintain the Facebook pages.

The Sites. Each brand has a Dutch and an English website, with four in total. The websites are elegant, minimalistic, and full of well-shot product photos. Built on Shopify, they’re easy to navigate and user-friendly. The images clearly show the product designs and convey a theme of opulence.

The company has amassed an impressive list of email subscribers who receive regular emails via a contracted marketing agency that drives sales and boosts traffic to the websites. The company is adamant about connecting with its customer base. Newsletters are sent out that advertise special deals, promotions, updates, and more exciting information to stay connected to the brands, ultimately increasing sales, and boosting customer retention.

This business has the numbers, financials, and customer base desirable to any entrepreneur, and the products and stand-out values consumers worldwide can gravitate toward. It’s a well-oiled, moneymaking machine that has no limits. A new owner will enjoy tremendous success with this multi-million-dollar opportunity!

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Asking Price
$ 1,400,000
Cash Flow
$ 635,638
Gross Income
$ 4,570,061
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