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eCommerce Fitness Subscription Company – 2 Brands – 82% of Revenue is Recurring – Strong Affiliate Sales


Website Closers® presents an inspiring health and fitness company. This eCommerce leader in a leading wellness and weight loss market carries 2 fully developed brands offering a high-tech fitness tracker along with multiple health plans, tools, resources, and subscriptions to aid in reaching health and fitness goals.

With each brand offering an impressive AOV, this business drives amazing sales with subscription products regularly bringing in recurring revenue of 82% in 2020. A uniquely designed company, this business operates with a powerful framework that leverages cutting edge technologies, the ever-growing wellness movement, and a popular content subscription model to encourage continued use and monetization.

Depending on sales channel each subscription earns the company a $47-59 monthly sale in addition to having over 1,200 members on a $9.97 monthly subscription, with a varying upfront cost for the fitness tracker. The $9.97 per month rates have been recently set with lasting practicality in mind as the company has previously set higher prices and seen subscription lengths tank.

Leveraging several custom-coded landing pages along with an invaluable library of fitness information and tools, this company has little to no seasonality and takes full advantage of the cultural movement towards weight loss and fitness.

Relying on affiliate marketing only at the moment, this company could see expansive growth with the implementation of SEM tactics such as social media marketing and content creation for market leadership, as well as deploying PPC ad campaigns and on site content development. Already a hub for fitness information and tools, creating an on-brand blog or Facebook group for brand building and credibility could further drive traffic to the site long with spanning brand awareness.

Additionally, the product comes with a stock application, but moving into custom app development could lead to incredible revenue stream expansions allowing the fitness tracker to be brought to major eCommerce hubs such as Vitamin Shoppe, Amazon, and Target+. This would also lend itself to lower cost subscriptions through in-app purchases rather than relying on the trackers alone.

Appealing to a highly profitable audience of  men and women aged 35+ who have massive spending power and a strong focus on health and wellness. With a customer base made up of 70% women and 30% male, this is a predominately female audience that can be strategically targeting for dramatic growth.

Seeing an uptick in activity with over 1200 monthly sales in July 2021 with 800+ coming from a monthly subscription, this company is easily maintained with ongoing member revenue. Operating on a streamlined hybrid shipping model, they use a 3PL to stock for 80% of sales and drop shipping for 20%; this means that an expansion onto Amazon with a stock solution through FBA could be a seamless growth opportunity resulting in limitless development of the company.

An almost entirely hands-off business, the current owners spend only about 5 hours each week on overseeing the business. Most operational functions such as order fulfillment, customer support, tech support and more are handled by software solutions or outsources teams to both streamline the day-to-day tasks and minimize all overhead costs. They do employ one part time VA who works a total of 5 weekly hours to support the owners.

Relying heavily on affiliate marketers, this company has earned a staggering 3.5x ROI that could be further bolstered with the addition of enhanced marketing tactics, service offering expansions, and channel diversification to scale dramatically. Tapping into this company’s vast email database of 29,952 email subscribers could also prove an incredibly profitable option.

With a compelling offering and incredible results, this company boasts a whopping 65% repeat  customer rate that translated directly into recurring profit. Building on the awareness, adoption, and sales fronts, a new owner could all but guarantee lasting revenue spikes as the products continue to keep consumers coming back.

Currently seeing only 1,000 monthly site visitors, the ROI is staggering at over $21 per visitor (from $21K+ in July 2021 revenue), yet also suggests that enhanced social media and PPC marketing and traffic to the website should deliver incredible growth rates. Employing SEO practices are also a promising path to increased site traffic.

An amazing fit for any level of buyer, this company requires little to no owner oversight which means there are also no special skills needed to keep it running and wildly lucrative. With limitless growth opportunities and proven profitability all this company needs is an owner with the drive to scale to bring it to the next level.

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$ 310,000
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$ 103,828
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$ 252,560
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