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eCommerce Jewelry Brand Focused on Spiritual Products – High Repeat Order Rate – Low Working Capital


Website Closers® presents an ascending eCommerce retailer with a strong history and incredible potential. Offering Unique, Spiritually Based Products, this target has acquired a huge presence on social media and has gained a significant number of repeat customers. With a curated supply of jewelry, apparel, backpacks, footwear, and hard-to-find home décor products, this business has quickly dominated a niche market. By utilizing the company’s branded and streamlined website, customers can browse the eccentric product line and after ordering, the items are drop-shipped directly to the customer for maximum efficiency.

This company is just two years young but comes stacked with proven profits and a vast line of SKUs to keep things diversified. Offering over 695 SKUs focused on spirituality and holistic happiness, this business has seen over 15,000 sales with an impressive average order value of $31.81, giving any prospective purchaser a solid funnel of satisfied customers to draw future repeat sales from. Their loyal social media following and strong foothold in this lucrative vertical has delivered them strong sales results with no cap in sight.

Even as a relatively young company, this business is projected to give ownership over $66,000 in discretionary earnings this year! To capitalize on that growth, this investment is ready to scale by building on their existing social media foundation and current advertising efforts. The lucky buyer could swiftly grow the company’s brand with an expanded presence on Google, Pinterest, YouTube and TikTok. By fully capitalizing on their existing and astounding 16X ROAS, the potential is unparalleled, and this invaluable infrastructure provides a great launch point for increased profits.

Further scalability could easily be achieved by the new ownership through leveraging the broad reach of extended selling platforms like Amazon and Etsy. Through these platforms, this company could be catapulted into the international sales scene with plenty of room for dynamic growth and the diversification of sales channels would be a value-added asset should the brand ever be sold again in the future.

Additionally, adding new SKU lines, specifically within the jewelry vertical, could prove beneficial for the incoming ownership. In 2018, the global jewelry market was valued at $278.5 billion and is expected to increase in value exponentially by 2025. Pairing this anticipated growth, the fact that it is estimated that 95% of all purchases will be made online by 2040, this is an incredibly profit-ready offering, positioned perfectly at the intersection of retail jewelry and eCommerce.

At the time of sale, the company requires minimal time investment from ownership. Currently, the owner dedicates about 3 hours each workday to the business for a total of 15 hours each week. Daily responsibilities of the ownership include staff coordination, addressing customer concerns, facilitating order fulfillment, supervising the ad spend and overseeing payroll. Currently employing 2 full time employees and 5 part time employees, this business comes complete with a virtual assistant, a support manager, a fulfillment manager, a Facebook manager, a Facebook manager, a quality control specialist, a newsletter writer, a social media content creator and a customer service specialist that aid in keeping this company consistently growing. Ownership has recognized that the hiring a virtual assistant supervisor, specifically an individual with experience in eCommerce, could easily handle the tasks that they’re responsible for each day and reduce the workload for the new owner.

The sky is the limit for this spiritually oriented retailer. Having made a conscious effort to create a strong, engaged audience through various marketing channels, the company comes complete with 27,388 newsletter subscribers, 9,178 Facebook followers, and 2,841 Instagram followers. Capitalizing on this existing sales funnel, the business has a strong affiliate network and has invested in paid advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. Seeing an average of 69,304 worldwide visitors to their website each day, this following has a proven interest in the product line and brand.

To best leverage this existing media mix, new ownership can benefit from the already significant number of online sales and expand their marketing efforts with paid advertising campaigns on Google and Bing or by engaging in sponsored articles on platforms such as Outbrain or Taboola. Additionally, new ownership could easily scale profits by utilizing extended sales platforms, like eBay, Target, and Amazon to further propel the business forward. Currently, the business experiences 20% of their sales from customers overseas and with an expansion into larger, globalized platforms, the potential is unparalleled. Keeping a diversified SKU line and employing a variety of purchasing channels will also add value to this already lucrative offering.

This promising offering is ready for a motivated owner that can fully maximize the profit potential in this niche market. With low risk and proven, high-margin reward, this company is already profitable and set to scale. Inspiring, unusual, and unlike competitors in the retail space, this target has the opportunity to become an industry leader and is primed for purchase!

This eCommerce Business Represented by:

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Listing ID: WC2293

Asking Price
$ 299,000
Cash Flow
$ 120,162
Gross Income
$ 885,382
Year Established