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eCommerce Jewelry Brand – Uses Cause Marketing to Promote Saving Animals – Strong YOY Growth – $45 AOV – Drop Ship Model with No Inventory On Hand – Strong TikTok Presence


Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Brand using Cause Marketing to more fully develop the brand. They are developing a strong foothold in the niche field of Specialized Jewelry, an enormously profitable sector worth nearly $250 Billion in 2021. This company designs their products around a popular social cause, Saving the Wolves. This appeals to those consumers that care about protecting our environment and its wildlife. The company primarily designs Bracelets and Necklaces, but that can be expanded to a much broader array with a new owner.

The appeal and popularity of purchasing jewelry that supports social activism has grown with no end in sight. Sales are brisk on their Average Order Value of $45, and in this evergreen field, sales have not been limited by seasonality.

Studies have indicated that 80% of consumers support businesses that prominently address social issues they’re concerned about, and 91% of consumers have indicated they would switch to a brand that supports a good cause, while 92% would buy a product that offers a social or environmental benefit. Sixty-seven percent of the respondents indicated they have made those kinds of purchases in the past year.

Cause Marketing is a collaborative effort between a for-profit brand and a nonprofit cause where the two combine for a mutual benefit. It can also mean marketing programs by a for-profit brand based around a social cause, and it can be enormously effective for driving sales. This brand brings some unique strengths to the table, which can be invaluable to a buyer looking to scale the business.

Their hybrid jewelry attracts animal lovers.

The company’s products, which also include a wolf plush toy, t-shirt, obsidian necklace and triple protection bracelet, share a common theme of crystal healing for people who enjoy wearing crystals. Saving the Wolf has been an even stronger driver of sales, as the company has creatively tapped into customers with a passion for this movement.

The company’s approach has been very cost-effective. The current owner has a strong, nearly 4-year relationship with their supplier, which uses their own software to fulfill orders, and products are drop shipped by the supplier. No up-front money is needed to invest in inventory.

While jewelry of any kind can be a highly competitive field, this brand’s marketing focus on helping to save an endangered animal has helped to separate them from other jewelry competitors and to appeal to a desirable customer demographic: middle-class men and women age 25 and older who share a host of similar interests, including charitable donations, nature, self-development, pets and making a change in society.

Their customer feedback is excellent and it’s clear from reading their reviews that customers are aware of and appreciate their commitment to animal protection. As part of the company’s commitment to this cause, they are taking a percentage of every sale which is donated to Wolf Sanctuaries and related foundations.

Social media drives sales.

Sales are conducted on the brand’s Shopify Website, and social media platforms are helping to bring them to the site. The company’s own research has found that 55% of customers come to them through Facebook, 43% from TikTok, and 2% from Snapchat.

The brand has run PPC ad campaigns on both Facebook and TikTok, and their video marketing on the latter site tells a story with emotion about the future of wolves. The brand also posts organically on TikTok, where they have 4,000+ followers, and on Pinterest, where they receive a huge 272,000+ monthly visits.

The brand’s organic traffic is increasing, and they now average 82,000+ monthly visitors. In another sign of the company’s growing customer base, they have an email database of 15,700+ subscribers. Digital marketing offers this brand several additional scale opportunities. Growing the company’s social media base is one sure option for scaling quickly.

The company does not have an SEO program but investing in one would certainly drive sales higher, and the company is now working on developing a blog to expand their customer base even further. The company could also build out its email list for future email and SMS texting messaging campaigns.

With sales now entirely on this brand’s website, the company could also scale dramatically by putting their SKUs on popular eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay and Etsy, introducing their quality products to the millions using those sites.

This business is automated and turnkey.

By running daily TikTok posts and Facebook ads, this has become a fully hands-off business, one that the current owners spend just 5 hours per week operating, with a team of virtual assistants in place to handle customer service inquiries. The current owner mainly focuses on monitoring paid ads to ensure they are performing well, creating new ads, and keeping up with market trends and products in the same niche space. The company has been able to rely on fast shipping from their supplier, who they have a fulfillment agreement with.

Any business operating successfully and profitably in the lucrative jewelry niche has a promising future ahead of it, while this brand has also soared by creating a strong emotional connection with its customers over the cause they advocate.

There are ways of strengthening that connection, particularly by expanding their current product line with new items, and launching products that promote new themes, such as Save The Dolphins, Save the Whales, etc.

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