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eCommerce Jewelry & Giftables Brand – Nice Mix of Sales Channels - 40% Growth over LTM


Website Closers® presents an established, industry leading eCommerce retailer focused on the growing Fashion Jewelry and Giftables Markets. This target is a gem for any entrepreneur looking to get into the Online Retail Space, and benefits from over 5 decades of retail experience. Having achieved a 40% increase in profit over the last 12 months, this business is proving that even though it’s half a century old, it still has the reputation and scale necessary to grow in more recent times. This is not the 1968 business it once was. It’s even more exciting than ever. Many entrepreneurs look for established businesses that have a long history of growth – and this gem fits the bill!

Offering over 4,000 established SKUs, this acquisition opportunity has leveraged a variety of extended selling platforms and has grown a substantial presence on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and even Walmart. Pairing these wide-reaching platforms, with their own branded website and a number of wholesale channels, this company’s products have an Average Order Value of $27.80.

With a concentrated understanding of the value of sales channel diversification, 41% of sales have come from their established Amazon storefront, 32% through eBay, 19% through their Etsy shop, with the remaining 8% of sales from through their own website or wholesale channels. That stated, no single channel has represented more than 50% of the company’s revenue, indicating that their growth is both sustainable and reliable.

Coming complete with high tech assets, such as laser engraving machines, invaluable exclusive designs, strong vendor relations and an extensive email contact database, this business is scale ready.  By creating new collections, building out product bundles, leaning into the engraving space, expanding into adjacent verticals, and developing new partnerships, there could be an immediate increase in sales with minimal effort. Furthermore, with less than 2% of the company’s existing sales having come from wholesale orders, an emphasis on wholesale, bulk, and recurring orders could take this business’ profitability to the next level.

Additionally, since 98% of their Amazon reviews having been positive, and they are backed by 53 years of industry knowledge, this acquisition is poised to launch into the international market. And since nearly all of the growth for this company has been organic, there are a number of immediate marketing opportunities for the new ownership. Currently, the target has almost no active marketing initiatives and research has concluded that by allocating less than 6% of revenue spend towards advertising, revenue could be increased exponentially.

With a marketing strategy focused on social media engagement, specifically on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest, PPC advertising, search engine optimization, email campaigns to their existing 3,000 contacts, and retargeting approaches, any potential marketing spend would result in an exceptional return on investment.

Current ownership has dedicated an estimated 5 hours each week during their normal sales season to managing the business and during the holiday season, they’ve spent a maximum of 20 hours each week ensuring that the operation runs smoothly. Daily tasks range from accounting, including bookkeeping, bill paying, and tax filing, to vendor management, pricing development, merchandising, and inventory acquisition.

To support the owner, the business currently employs a full-time operations manager who is responsible for handling quality assurance, customer service, custom order creation, and a number of other day-to-day tasks. Additionally, the business employs a full-time shipping associate to handle printing orders, fulfilling shipments, and restocking inventory. Beyond that, the business has previously hired a seasonal associate to assist during the holiday season. Ownership has indicated that they would happily train the incoming owner, so as to ensure a flawless transition and that the high-level of excellent service that their customers have come to expect is continued seamlessly.

Any potential purchaser should be excited to add this crown jewel to their eCommerce portfolio! Benefitting from an established position as a market leader, a solid reputation in the eCommerce space, decades of experience, and unparalleled growth opportunities, this target is on the rise. Having been strategically built for continued success, this company is a stellar acquisition and will result in an incredible return on investment for its lucky new owner.

This eCommerce Brand Represented by:

Website Closers

Technology, Internet & eCommerce Business Brokers

Listing ID: WC2296

Asking Price
$ 1,370,000
Cash Flow
$ 392,353
Gross Income
$ 1,209,437
Year Established