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eCommerce Marketplace for eCommerce Third Party Sellers to Offer their Products – 20+ Million Products Available – 33% Repeat Customer Rate – 4 Million Monthly Website Visitors


Website Closers® presents an emerging online eCommerce marketplace that has become a popular source for sellers looking to market their products on a platform that attracts buyers and drives sales. Offering their marketplace as an alternative to sites such as eBay and Etsy, this marketplace has demonstrated impressive growth in the past decade, offering fully customizable websites, pay-as-you-go advertising on Google Shopping and a customer remarketing tool. This has led to significant growth for the company, which has attracted to its marketplace sellers operating in some of the most profitable niche verticals, including Home & Garden, Heath & Beauty, Fashion, Parts & Accessories, Collectibles, and Sporting Goods, among many others. As the number of sellers using their platform increases, their website now hosts 20 million+ plus items for sale across thousands of categories.

This company has worked hard to stake a claim as the most seller-friendly marketplace available today, allowing sellers to sign up for free, and only make payments when they make a sale. When the seller does sell a product, they pay an agreed-upon commission, which is typically about 19%.

With eCommerce sales booming across the globe and shoppers more comfortable than ever searching for and purchasing products online, aspiring entrepreneurs are looking for sales platforms that have a strong customer base and can assist them in marketing and driving sales. While sites such as Amazon and eBay have the name recognition that attracts sellers, a growing number of digital marketplaces are coming online, eager to provide new advantages to those sellers. As technology improves, so do the opportunities to capture a larger share of those sellers and their customer base.

This brand has developed specialized tools to appeal to its own clients, very successfully. A review of the company’s history will demonstrate how quickly they elevated the concept of a popular online marketplace.

Built on a strong technology foundation. Launched in 2008, the company attracted sellers by enabling them to open their own webstore in just a few simple clicks, with tools to generate instant traffic at a lower cost. Their proprietary technology translates a seller’s cost-per-sale percentage into a bid within Google Shopping.

The company offers a wide range of webstore themes that look great on any device and can be customized and changed at any time. Their themes are pre-built with mobile and tablet users in mind. Offering their third-party sellers the opportunity to get in on the fastest growing segment of web traffic, the company has found the formula for what many small business owners are looking for. Today, their typical customer is a small business entrepreneur who ranges in age between 30 and 65. In addition to selling on their platform, these clients can sign up for memberships that provide additional perks, or by using their own customizable webstore featuring their own domain and custom stylings.

The company aims to appeal to buyers as well. They provide all seller merchandise to Google Shopping feeds in the U.S., Canada, the UK and Australia. Their unique bidding technology allows the seller to select a commission rate. Their bids automatically get adjusted to reflect the seller’s sell-through rate, their item price and bid percentage.

Innovative technology separates them from competitors. In 2021, the company upgraded its software to modernize their platforms transaction flows to allow state sales taxes to be collected, and in 2022 got an agreement to collect value added taxes and other European taxes, making them one of the only marketplaces of its size to be fully tax compliant in every country where Google Shopping operates an English-speaking shopping site.

Their website has also been optimized for mobile dimensions, and 65% of their transactions are now done on mobile devices. They also have several processes that detect and remove fraudulent sellers from the platform, as well as processes set up to promptly remove copyrighted material from the site.

Because Google Shopping remains the only consequential channel for their sellers, the company focuses on optimizing their bidding engine to deliver more sales at lower bid prices. This has worked out well, since for every $1 spend on Google Shopping, the company is earning $3.

They also use an Affiliate program through Affiliate Window, the global marketing network that focuses on performance marketing. Their approach continues to attract new sellers, and their Repeat Customer Rate is now at 33% and rising, while their organic traffic is phenomenal, with 4.4 million viewers having visited their site in April 2022.

Their marketing targets sellers disgruntled with other platforms. This platform allows sellers to publish their listings to eBay alongside Google Shopping and Bing Shopping, although the company has benefited heavily from sellers who are looking for alternatives to eBay and Etsy and other online marketplaces. Their SEO program is geared toward search engine results for “best eBay alternatives” and “best Etsy alternatives.”

The company has geared much of its marketing efforts to disenfranchised eBay sellers who were looking for a new platform. The company is now poised to do the same with Etsy sellers who are put off by that company’s higher fees and stricter policies.

Directing their marketing to Etsy sellers would be one way for the brand to scale quickly. They could additionally experiment with their Google Shopping bid strategies to capture a larger segment of categories that help them build repeat buyers and launch a mobile app version of their website.

Their system is so efficient and highly automated that the current owner spends just 5 hours per week running this business, and sometimes fewer than that. The owner employs an experienced team that includes six full time workers, including the director of Human Relations, Large Seller Specialist, Low-Risk Specialist, Office Manager and several customer support representatives.

The company averages a huge 100-200 customer inquiries a day, and they are known and recognized for their fast response time and overall strong performance in this area.

With the boom in eCommerce today, more people than ever are shopping online, and there’s a fast-growing number of entrepreneurs eager to market products to those buyers. For many of them, the days of relying on their own website are over and they’re looking for vibrant sales platforms they can reach customers with. For this brand, they’re rapidly on their way to become a major marketplace for sellers in literally thousands of categories. Contact Website Closers today to find out how this is one marketplace that delivers the sales, and why so many sellers and buyers are eager to sign up.

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