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eCommerce Retail Brand in Home Fitness, Entertainment & Outdoor Verticals – Installation & Maintenance Plan Options


Website Closers® presents a scaling Internet Business with a jaw dropping 15% Month over Month growth rate. This rapid growth eCommerce Retailer is an incredibly effective seller of indoor and outdoor Luxury Home, Fitness, Entertainment, Outdoor & Garden products … with a special focus in Entertainment and Fitness.

Today’s consumer desires convenience – they have developed new shopping habits over the last decade as we begin to move from traditional Brick & Mortar Retail into online shopping, which will continue into the future and has been accelerated due to COVID. This brand’s distinguishing feature is the convenience of offering both Super High-Quality Goods plus unparalleled convenience with Installation and Maintenance Services, which defies comparison with other online sellers and marketplaces. The installation and maintenance services provided by this firm builds a defensive moat that makes it very difficult for competitors to encroach. This differentiating factor will help this company grow exponentially over the years.

Currently, this company sells only through their own website, leaving platforms such as,, and other more specialized channels completely untapped. At the moment, this brand leverages social media, paid media, and SEO minimally, which also leaves room for growth. This proven offering is an amazing opportunity for any eCommerce entrepreneur to take on and grow.

Leveraging a 95% drop ship model, this company is easily relocated and swiftly scalable. Utilizing favorable margins, this brand works with 18 phenomenally reliable vendors to provide and ship out all their incoming orders. Carrying terms of 25% 2/10 net 30 along with 60% payment first practices, this exceedingly strategic company is effectively growing.

The current owner spends 40-50 hours per week running and scaling this exciting company. Their  responsibilities include sales management, order processing, channel management and customer service. This workload is being minimized through greater use of technology e.g. automated purchase orders, sales automations, and service tracking technology. At the moment, this company utilizes one full time employee along with 3 virtual assistants, or VAs, who address all daily operational concerns, tend to customer needs, aid in processing orders, and complete sales calls.

This company’s incredible and rapid growth is due, in large part, to its niche offerings, dynamic marketing strategy, and strong channel management. Currently utilizing an advantageous mix of Facebook Advertising and Influencer Marketing, this company has seen a remarkable return on ad spend of up to 19 to 1! This efficacy could be further leveraged through additional marketing efforts and channel management along with wholesale partnerships.

At the moment, this offering sells only through a branded website. This leaves immeasurable room for rapid scale through extended sales channels to include options such as Amazon, Target, Walmart and other similar big box stores. These opportunities are only heightened with the addition of other advertising strategies such as improved SEO, expanded social media engagement, paid advertising on platforms such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, widespread digital campaigns and the development of an Affiliate Network. This business also carries potential when it comes to operational concerns such as acquiring more vendors, offering more SKUs, and even developing an in-house brand for proprietary offerings.

A solid foundation within a booming and reliable market, this opportunity is a solid investment with extraordinary potential for rapid and sustainable growth. With opportunities spanning digital marketing and additional purchase platforms, the new owner of this company will stand to make a true splash within the indoor and outdoor home and garden market. An unparalleled acquisition, this brand is a rocket ship ready to launch to new heights of success.

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Listing ID:  WC2152


Asking Price
$ 5,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,123,587
Gross Income
$ 3,602,461
Year Established