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eCommerce Retailer in the Haircare, Skincare and Fragrance Verticals – Strong Amazon Sales


This strategically developed eCommerce retailer operates across multiple, high demand categories in the ever-growing beauty consumables vertical. Offering luxury products across the haircare, skincare, and fragrance segments, this successful company drives fantastic returns. Leveraging exclusive seller agreements across their own website and multiple international Amazon platforms, this business is well-established worldwide. A few paths to growth includes further developing the in-house brand, negotiating more exclusive seller agreements, creating relationships with salons, brick and mortar beauty stores, and even professional stylists.

Currently, this company does not have any advanced SEO practices or marketing initiatives. This leaves a lot of room for brand development on social media, revenue generation through paid advertising, and traffic boosting through in-depth SEO utilization. This promising company is an effective investment for any entrepreneur looking to get involved in the beauty industry, an existing seller looking to expand their product offerings, and even brick and mortar beauty lines that are building their digital foothold.

The core of this company’s amazing growth is its high quality and exclusive SKU lines. With more than 175 unique product offerings, this exceedingly profitable company is easily scaled through the addition of more SKUs. Additionally, the beauty industry is heavily impacted by branding, this means that the addition of effective social media use along with strong advertising initiatives would be extremely effective in driving increased revenue.

Some of the most promising paths to success in this exceedingly profitable market would be expanding selling platforms onto other online channels, as well as brick and mortar storefronts. Then, creating sales relationships with salons, personal stylists, and photographers is sure to boost use, sales, and name recognition for this luxury brand throughout the professional world. Also, this company owns everything it needs to launch an in-house brand as they once had one. With too little marketing and product development this SKU line faded, however, with skilled management it will flourish bringing the entire company with it.

Providing a multitude of brands with different partnership types, this company works mostly on an Amazon FBA model, however they do have some contracts that are exclusively sold through this business’ in-house website. This business currently ships to the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands.

With some seasonality, this company sells a majority of their products in December as gift sales skyrocket. However, their personal care lines do sell year-round. Carrying a 4.9 seller rating on Amazon, this business’ model is extremely effective and, in the right hands, could swiftly become a well-known brand throughout the beauty and selfcare industries.

The current ownership is mostly a hands-off owner. At the moment, this business has 2 remote 1099 employees who handle this company’s day to day operations. A more participatory owner would not need these employees as their daily tasks can be easily taken over. While the company has a strong track record, it does not yet utilize any large-scale marketing practices. Currently, the only marketing initiative employed is a new relationship with an SEO specialist. This leaves limitless opportunities for growth through branding, communications, and advertising. Leveraging social media on both organic and paid fronts is sure to skyrocket sales. The most effective platforms for this company will include Pinterest, TikTok, and Instagram as cosmetics and haircare carry a strong following on these visually based channels. Additionally, Facebook and Google Ads are effective for driving profit through repeated impressions. Influencer marketing is also a strong driver within this market, especially on the previously mentioned channels.

This offering represents a strategically built Internet Company that is well positioned for continued success and growth. The keys to success in this business are visibility, quality, and personability, so this offering is sure to create an amazing foundation for unimaginable profitability. With an effective business model, exclusive and luxury brand partnerships, and incredible opportunities to scale, this company represents a great acquisition opportunity.

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Listing ID:  WC2107

Asking Price
$ 225,000
Cash Flow
$ 97,227
Gross Income
$ 595,372
Year Established