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eCommerce Retailer of Brands in the Sporting Goods, Health & Wellness, Musical Instruments & Home Goods Verticals


This opportunity is a fully established eCommerce Retailer that offers products in a number of highly lucrative categories, including Sporting Goods, Health and Wellness, Musical Instruments and Home Goods. Sales for this promising company are primarily generated on where they hold the Buy Box on a large number of the 6,000 SKUs sold. Their highly profitable Amazon storefront holds 4.5 stars overall. Carrying only United States based suppliers, this business has achieved exponential growth since its inception and continues to see strong profit growth throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

A unique opportunity across several high demand verticals, this opportunity has perfected the unique approach of identifying and sourcing high-demand, high-profit products while delivering reliable and enticing quality.  This spanning company requires minimal capital for daily operations, and significant market share would take a minimal ad-spend. This incredible company is perfectly positioned for rapid growth.

A fully developed opportunity across several high demand verticals, this business has perfected their specialized approach of identifying and sourcing wildly successful high-demand, high-profit products that ensure consistent returns. Carrying 2 differentiated storefronts, one for high-value musical instruments and technologies, and the other for essential care and home goods, this strategically formed company drives traffic across buyer types as well as service offerings. Each of these industry footholds are delivering fantastic ROI, especially since they have minimal sunk costs, which has resulted in impressive year over year growth. This framework is easily scalable and positioned to skyrocket with the right direction from a capable new owner.

This target leverages an innovative system that begins with their exclusive software tools which identify the most profitable products sold on Amazon, then the staff quickly identify US providers with effective shipping capabilities. Next, the owners quickly and strategically form an effective partnership and get these new products listed to take full advantage of actively growing verticals with even higher margins.

On this cutting-edge company’s Amazon storefront, over 6,000 SKU’s are divided among some of the most in demand market segments in eCommerce, including sporting goods, personal care products and essential personal items. Operating in tandem, their user-friendly website provides an amazing selection of musical instruments, accessories, and technologies that deliver high profits along with an expert standing within this complicated niche field.

The inventory is divided into:

-Musical instruments with guitars as their biggest seller.

-Sporting goods which make up 70% of the Amazon sales.

-All types of home repair and maintenance items.

-Personal care and wellness products.

Every one of these offerings are 100% USA sourced, creating a short lead-time. This company’s white label shipping model operates using multiple trusted shipping partners. Less than 5% of their business is done via Amazon FBA stock – requiring little to no warehouse space. These highly profitable fulfillment center practices prepare products by removing supplier details and pricing, and this business retains a minimum of 20% margin on all products, a number higher than most classic retail storefronts.

This is a largely hands-off opportunity once the new owner has been fully trained. The current ownership dedicates 20 hours a week to identifying products, placing orders, and general customer support. There are two remote assistants, which is a number that could easily be expanded to three or four to further cut down the need for day-to-day involvement. No warehouse is required, however there is currently a 200 sq. ft. space leveraged to process returns. A new owner would be free to relocate this business to their convenience.

This opportunity does not require a huge working capital. The current ownership utilizes only a credit card with a limit of $75,000 and running bank balance of $90,000 to run this entire enterprise. All purchasing investments come back with interest through Amazon in an average of 14 days. With lucrative cash back terms due to credit card points, a secondary, personal revenue stream is also created.

So far, Amazon targeted marketing focusing on top-selling products and major selling days such as Prime Day and Black Friday has been invested in. However, advantageous SEO initiatives and paid media placements can generate traffic across this company’s eCommerce storefronts and are sure to continue delivering a rapidly increasing ROI.

The scaling opportunities here are sizeable. Leveraging the prestigious and well established storefront has led to swift approval to sell some of the most well respected name brands in the world, including, ASSICS, PUMA, BROOKS, HURLEY, CUISINART, BLEU DE CHANEL, YETI, HUGGIES and FOLGERS; just to name a few. A strong set of relationships with suppliers allows for an immense opportunity to rapidly scale inventory with in-demand and exclusive products. This, along with new sales channels such as, eBay, Walmart, Etsy, and international market expansion will create unprecedented profits, skyrocketing your bottom-line nearly instantly.

Overall, this opportunity is an incredible investment for an existing eCommerce empire, a savvy internet entrepreneur, or a brick-and-mortar owner in any of this business’ spanning industries to serve as a solid start to their digital retail efforts. Perfectly positioned to springboard any new owner into consistent success and profits, this company is an amazing fit for almost any buyer with almost any growth goal. This is a gem of a business – well established and carrying a fantastically lucrative as well as convenient model. It simply needs a business-minded owner with vision who can take this offering to the next level. Do not let this one pass you by.

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Listing ID:  WC2092

Asking Price
$ 800,000
Cash Flow
$ 282,265
Gross Income
$ 2,523,905
Year Established

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