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Pet lovers all over the world trust this website to provide some of the safest, most environmentally-friendly, and well-designed goods for dogs and cats available anywhere. Whether shopping for a dog lover or your own a special little one, you’re certain to find plenty of bark worthy things at this online storefront now currently for sale. First launched in January 2008, and with an average ticket price of approximately $112.50 during peak season, a 62% repeat order rate, and strong YTD sales, this business will be a nice addition to a new owner’s business portfolio.

Key Benefits:

  • Repeat Orders: Estimated 62% of revenue is from repeat customers.
  • Branded Products: This site has unique, environmentally-sound, branded products that present a promising opportunity for growth and set this opportunity far apart from other competitors in the pet sector.
  • Retail Sales of Branded Products are sold direct to Amazon,, plus a handful of independent pet shops. Other potential opportunities exist with and Burlington Coat Factory, both of which have approached this company to sell their branded products.
  • Workload: Currently operated by two employees, working a combined 15 to 20 hours per week. This business is presented as an owner operated business.
  • 100% relocatable. The inventory, if self-fulfilled and only uses 500-600 square feet. Fulfillment could easily be outsourced.
  • Traffic Sources: 45% Search, 24% Direct, 14% Email, 17% Referral (Social)
  • Average Ticket: The average order price is approximately $112.50 in the peak season, $80.00 in non-peak, versus just $20 for the pet industry as a whole.
  • Expansion Opportunity: With the high average ticket for the industry, an obvious long term growth area for this business is enhancing SEM, delving into wholesale, and scaling into new marketplaces.
Asking Price
$ 125,000
Cash Flow
$ 44,000
Gross Income
$ 272,000
Year Established

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