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SBA Qualified eCommerce Swimwear Brand with a Large Social Media Presence – 23% Repeat Order Rate – In House Designs


Website Closers® presents an exciting eCommerce company that produces and sells a specific kind of Swimwear for Men and Women, including Swimsuits, Tops and Bottoms. This fully trademarked apparel company is a niche lifestyle brand delivering a strong social media following of more than 162,000 cumulative followers. Featuring exclusive designs under a brand known for compelling, edgy, and unique appeal, and with more than 2,100 individual SKUs standing at an average order value of $83, this company has earned tremendous revenue within a highly competitive industry. A brand with incredible market penetration, this company carries a 23% Repeat Customer Rate along with a consistent average visitor rate of more than 1 million consumers annually.

This audience has been established through strategic marketing campaigns and a varied selection of products across many popular sales hubs. This acquisition could be scaled through extended product development in swimwear and adjacent categories such as beach bags, swim beach towels and bath products. Additionally, this brand has recently been approved for sales which could prove exceedingly lucrative as Walmart Online continues its expansion and continues to be the largest Brick & Mortar retailer in the US.

Averaging a 30-hour work week, the owners are currently responsible for website maintenance, eCommerce tracking, production oversight and product design. These tasks could be easily minimized with the addition of a Virtual Assistant as well as a swimwear designer to support these roles. The team consists of 3 employees that operate as a seamstress, a fabric cutter, and a shipping coordinator to prepare and fill each order.

Designing each of their own pieces, the company utilizes a 600 square foot area for production, 150 square feet is used for warehousing in combination with Amazon FBA services, and 250 square feet serve as a shipping and administrative area. Shipping an average of 14 orders each day from their own facility, this company runs effectively and efficiently in an easily scalable framework. As the company expands, the use of a 3PL could streamline this business’ shipping practices and minimize operational costs.

Leveraging a strategic marketing mix of Facebook advertising, Google Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, and SEO, this brand’s consumer outreach drives unrivaled sales and consumer interest. These practices could be swiftly scaled with the addition of influencer marketing, wholesale offerings, and industry relationship development.

SKU development could bring in consumer interest and further boost customer lifetime value. Offering customizable options as well as branching into adjacent verticals such as beach accessories, towels, bath products, tanning lotion, and more are promising brand extensions that can deliver unparalleled reach and revenue.

A Ferrari is much more than an automobile, and this company is much more than swimwear.  Racy, provocative, stimulating, tempting, risqué, and sexy are a few adjectives customers use to describe these products.  Unique is what sets this brand apart from the mundane, fulfilling client dreams, and allowing them to live their fantasies. A dynamic offering, this uniquely targeted opportunity leverages proprietary products in addition to their fully trademarked brand to bring in loyal consumers and keep them coming back. From a strong social media following to their whopping 23% repeat customer rate, this acquisition carries an unrivaled audience reach that an incoming buyer could impactfully strategically enhanced for lasting growth.

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Listing ID:  WC2243


Asking Price
$ 850,000
Cash Flow
$ 217,684
Gross Income
$ 450,952
Year Established