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The target is an Established Wholesale eCommerce Retailer in the collectible & fashionable accessories space offering a broad & comprehensive lineup of fully customizable pins, lanyards, buttons, canopies and more. With over 10,000 add on products available in total (all variations), this retailer sees over one thousand visitors monthly on its website – all on entirely organic search results, referrals and word-of-mouth alone.

What differentiates this retailer from other eCommerce Companies is that this is a bulk-only seller, boasting an average ticket value of nearly $800 – this has fostered consistent revenue growth and strong profit margins year-round, with little seasonality due to the nature of the product. Carving out a substantial market share in a fairly niche space, this wholesaler is hugely competitive thanks to its high-margin sales front end coupled with its on-demand, just-in-time fulfillment back end.

The shipping platform for this business couldn’t be any easier for new ownership to step into as a highly focused and streamlined back end allowing for absolutely minimal overhead as well as investment capital, seeing instant turns and nothing kept on the shelf to depreciate. Running smoothly with only 2 employees overseeing all operations, this turn-key platform allows the company to be operated anywhere there’s an Internet Connection, with just a few hours a week workload needed for oversight over the entire platform.

Selling entirely via its website only, this business has yet to branch out to additional sales channels such as Amazon, Pinterest and Etsy – rapid scale opportunity is immediately at hand for new ownership in diversification of channels as well as opening up to smaller run, smaller MOQ customers (100 unit vendor minimum), supplementing wholesale revenue. This business offers a very substantial number of SKUs but still has room to the expand the product lineup by offering additional SKUs from existing suppliers. This business also comes complete with 30,000 email contacts making a successful email campaign an easy addition to any marketing scheme; with only a minimal social and paid search presence, even the most nominal efforts to improve SEM/SMO and content generation will undoubtedly lead to an excellent day one ROI with minimal time invested. Checking all the boxes in the critical performance metrics of profit margin and revenue growth over time and asking almost no overhead of ownership, this is a stand-out opportunity in almost every way.

This Wholesale Retailer Represented by:

Website Closers
Technology & Internet Business Brokers
Reviews Availabe

Asking Price
$ 315,000
Cash Flow
$ 105,005
Gross Income
$ 300,368
Year Established