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eLearning Business & Community that Educates eCommerce Retailers on How to Sell on Amazon – Recurring Revenue – Strong LTV


Website Closers® presents a phenomenally successful eLearning business that operates a highly efficient, low OPEX business model training eCommerce Retailers how to buy and sell books on Amazon. This company doesn’t sell any products itself and has no inventory to address – they educate sellers on how to do this work. Over the past 5 years, this company has brought in strong, increasing revenue by finding clients eager to learn how to start successful at-home businesses. The company’s focus is on training people to sell used books on Amazon in a lucrative, sustainable model.

The business has grown so rapidly that their average customer lifetime value is now a whopping $4,000. This number adds to the brand’s bottom line as well as many of their past success stories are eager to join the program as mentors, spread the word of their success, and train others. Casting such a wide net for Americans looking to eCommerce as their next career, this company has done exceptionally well training people on the right way to get there. This company now has the foundation set to begin looking at higher pace scale, especially since the brand has built a client base without a traditional social media marketing campaign or SEO program, and either approach could dramatically expand their customer base.

There are also a host of other services that this company could provide to clients with a limited knowledge of how to run a business on Amazon, including credit repair services and the ability to successfully market products outside of books. This business now enjoys recurring revenues from monthly subscribers along with an expanding customer base. The business was originally launched in 2016 as an education and training center that would allow people from all backgrounds to become successful eCommerce business owners. As part of their training, these aspiring entrepreneurs were given the tools, training, and software that provides access to a community that helps them succeed. This training and community access software has become the brand’s top revenue generator, making up 80% of their sales.

Along the way, they developed two additional tools to market alongside the brand’s invaluable sales advice. One is a research tool that finds book sale opportunities for clients, while the other is additional group coaching and mentoring. This mentoring community delivers lasting results along with an organically growing database of tips, tricks, and possible consumers … for upsell opportunities.

To be a part of the training, community, and research, clients pay monthly for continued access to these services, unless the client pre-pays for the first 12 months. The average customer retention rate is about 7 months, and the number of new clients continues expanding.

The brand’s expert coaches and mentors offer an additional service, for an additional fee, that provides a deeper level of training taught by members of the community who have their own success stories to share. Each one has succeeded in generating multiple six figures in sales. Their book research provides lists of published books that are profitable, easily stocked, and can be delivered to customers in real time.

For clients, the biggest value driver this company offers stems from the amount of help and support that each client receives during the process. Leveraging their guidance on books to their ongoing mentoring, the company strives to continue improving their software to offer services and benefits that no competitor has. To build their customer base, they have relied on PPC ads on Facebook and YouTube.  For their social media ads, once an individual watches their ad and opts for a free training, they use it to demonstrate their methods and will then book the client for a Zoom meeting to discuss pricing.

Promoting their services, brand, and community, this company hosts webinars as part of their joint ventures. This often inspires their JV partners to email clients and invite them to the webinar which, in turn, grows the company’s reputation, consumer-base, and reach. This approach has been highly successful, as the company now has an email database of 100,000+ active subscribers. Their paid media efforts have resulted in 10,000 and 15,000 monthly visits to their website.

As an already highly profitable business, this one offering has a myriad of options to scale quickly. The company could increase its ad spend to boost its paid traffic channels, while at the same time increasing organic traffic by launching a content marketing plan that would include a blog on their website and an SEO program that uses keywords to boost them in search engine rankings. As part of their social media program, the company could start an influencer marketing campaign that could dramatically expand their customer base. The company is now building mobile apps and two additional web apps that are expected to be released this year, which replicate their existing model but allows people to profit in areas outside of books.  This could be a major game changer for the company that sends profits soaring.

There are some additional services that this company could offer to clients, including a credit repair service, lending credit for their inventory, an LLC Corp formation service, business bookkeeping and tax preparation, and a Fulfillment By Amazon Prep Center.

This business is operated efficiently and the current owners spend just five hours per week handling operations, as they devote 20 hours per week to developing new software. Daily tasks include managing payroll for contractors, checking PPC ads, and dealing with customer support issues.

They have an experienced team of contractors in place who handle a wide variety of tasks, including operations, software development, phone sales, and management of the community mentors who handle an average of 200 customer service inquiries each day.

This business is operating at a time when hundreds of thousands of people are exploring the option of starting an eCommerce business and selling products and services on Amazon. Many of them will fail because of the heavy amount of competition they face. That’s a key reason why this business is likely to not only keep growing but has the potential for truly explosive revenue increases. The ability to train people on how to succeed at something as simple as selling used books will continue to make their services in very high demand. Now a buyer has a tremendous opportunity to expand their services and watch it grow more rapidly.

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