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eLearning Company for eCommerce & Amazon Sellers – 4 Divisions Provide 3rd Party Sellers with an Endless Supply of Educational Resources


Website Closers® presents a fully developed brand in the eLearning for the eCommerce space, offering a unique line of services that provides Amazon 3rd Party Sellers with everything they need in order to successfully learn how to sell on the Platform. Broadly, the business is a University eLearning Program that provides all the necessary resources to sell on online; narrowly, each offering can be custom tailored to the particular seller and his/her abilities.

This Ed Tech offering spans across 4 Brands to educate clients on the online selling process, driving international interest and revenue. The company has generated more than $100 Million in total community sales for its clients in 3 years of operation. Capitalizing on the increasingly profitable eCommerce space, which is well positioned to continue its vast growth trends, this company has been featured by business giants such as Forbes, Harvard University, ESPN, Business Insider, and more.

Carrying 5 patents pending and an AOV of $2,500 – $3,000, this company’s proprietary offerings encompass a multitude of proven techniques for delivering revenue for the business as well as for its clients. And something very unique to this offering … the company’s balance sheet includes 40 BitCoin, which as of the date of this writing is worth $2.1M. This BitCoin is included in the transaction.

One division of the company is a one-on-one coaching opportunity by verified 6 and 7 figure Amazon Sellers. Each 30-minute session gives the user an opportunity to learn directly from proven retailers, giving them a leg up that is hard to find in a book.

Another division is backed by a team of experienced eCommerce professionals that optimize retailers’ listings through advanced product photography, videography and search engine optimization on the listings themselves. By using this experienced group to help put together listings, users take the guesswork out of listing products to achieve mass consumer appeal, and importantly, a leg up against any competitors in the same category.

The company’s eLearning opportunity is an Online Education Platform where real entrepreneurs and industry leaders provide the instruction. The learning programs are chosen ala carte and range from how to provide world class customer service to how to price products, to identifying methods for searching for and creating new product opportunities.  The company also offers a number of Live Masterminds each Week to brainstorm with others and quickly receive responses to questions by experts, live daily.

The newest division of the company is a SaaS model offering – an Amazon product research tool that finds low competition, high demand products in just the touch of a button. The system also tracks hundreds of thousands of products weekly, whether one wants to track their own products, or those of their competitors.

Specializing in eCommerce education, this unique offering is strategically positioned to grow with the ever-increasing interest in selling products online. As more and more companies move online and away from Brick-and-Mortar Retail, the systems, strategies, and services of this company will only become more valuable. Leveraging strong customer loyalty, an unrivaled industry standing, and an almost limitless business model, this company is well developed for industry leading success. Currently marketing only through Google and Facebook, this company could increase its reach and efficacy through strong marketing tactics such as SEO improvements, PPC initiatives on Amazon, LinkedIn, and Facebook, and thought leadership through an owned blog as well as LinkedIn.

Additionally, branching out on to leading business forums such as Twitter and LinkedIn could further develop and differentiate this brand. Making industry connections is key for the educational niche, this means that extended community interactions through social media, networking events, and live teaching seminars could jumpstart this company’s already promising consumer reach.

Operating with 7 employees, current ownership’s responsibility is limited to overall strategies and big picture decisions making this a largely hands-off offering. The full-time team is then in charge of general management, technology development and maintenance, content creation, video production, sales practices, and general operational needs. In addition to this team, the company employs contractors who are split into a sales team, a support staff, a coaching team, a photography and video team, an accounting department and an advertising specialist.

A strong player in the increasingly powerful eCommerce field, this opportunity is an industry go-to for all things Amazon. From their enviable client retention rates to their constantly growing eLearning content library, this business is a tremendous asset to any buyer in the eCommerce space. The content and teaching leader of the fastest growing marketplace in the world, this offering is an incomparable acquisition for lasting relevancy and success.

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Listing ID:  WC2253

Asking Price
$ 12,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 2,403,045
Gross Income
$ 13,600,739
Year Established