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This business is a strong player in the eLearning space. Established in 1998, the platform was originally built from the ground up by the Founder, who is a software developer. The business has grown through the years and is in a strong position to be handed off to a new owner. The platform has been updated regularly and is no longer primarily coded by the Founder. A number of years ago he hired a software developer to take over all platform updates and debugging. Therefore, a buyer will not need to be a programmer because the current programmer will be available for the transition.

The Founder believes that the best buyer would be one with sales and marketing experience to take this concept to market and truly scale it. Since the Founder is not a sales or marketing-inclined professional, he believes that with the right background, this business can scale very quickly.

This company is positioned well for future growth. They currently have close to 200 clients in a number of different industries. These 200 clients represent a strong recurring revenue that a Buyer will receive upon purchase. Very few businesses can be purchased with recurring revenue, making this company a solid target for acquisition.

The eLearning sector is blowing up right now, making this a good investment for the right buyer. The platform is easy to learn and even easier to sell. While this business has clients from a number of sectors, one example includes municipal police stations that require this platform in order to improve their officer preparedness via continuing education. Other sectors that use this software platform include Human Resources, Ethical Training, Employee Training for Sexual Harassment and Policies, Continuing Education, and more.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece of business that is fully developed and ready for market.

Asking Price
$ 1,590,000
Cash Flow
$ 408,000
Gross Income
$ 1,001,005
Year Established
They operate out of a leased office space with 3,000 sf.
The industry is fragmented and this company has a strong position in this sector.
As needed by the Purchaser.
Growth Expansion
The company has numerous avenues of growth and this information will be detailed in the prospectus.
Reason For selling
After 15 years of the development the Seller plans to build another company.

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