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Share:, and its sister Company, ValleyBiggs, have been engaged to locate a buyer for an exciting eCommerce Internet Company that has scaled into one of the largest 3rd Party Sellers on the marketplace. This company is a true leader in its segment, not just from a sales velocity and growth standpoint, but also from ensuring that all of the little things are attended to, like proper brand development, off Amazon awareness, intellectual property management, and more. The company has developed a number of well known consumer brands operating in multiple categories and subcategories on the platform, with a focus in the Home Goods sector. It has quickly become a large holder of market share in various home categories on All products are sold under the company’s various proprietary brands – products/brands of other parties are not sold by this company.

Logistics are primarily handled through Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) platform. All sales are strictly on the Amazon platform – and currently only in the United States – leaving massive growth potential in other countries and other sales channels. No warehouse space is necessary for this business – only office space. However, if an acquisition company would like to scale this business beyond Amazon, warehouse space or a 3PL will be necessary. One of the core value propositions for this business is its human capital, having developed a strong team of marketers to handle all facets of the company’s digital marketing platform, in-house.

This business has created a proprietary system for identifying products that will do well on the Amazon platform, as well as systems and methods to rank those products. This is a rare opportunity to acquire a high growth company that continues to scale Year over Year and Month over Month, with a large infrastructure and redundancy built into the model. This would be a great Platform Amazon Business by which other, smaller Amazon companies and brands could be bolted on.

This business is offered in a highly confidential manner. All interested parties must first contact us, undergo discussions with our team to ensure their mandate matches the founder’s mandate, and then we will proceed to providing additional marketing collateral.

This Amazon FBA eCommerce Company Represented by: & ValleyBiggs
Technology & Internet Business Brokers

Asking Price
$ 85,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 14,045,112
Gross Income
$ 115,104,356
Year Established