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Essential Oils & Food Flavoring Brand – eCommerce Retailer – 25% Repeat Customer Rate


The target is an Essential & Flavoring Oils eCommerce Retailer. The company offers a comprehensive lineup of both essential fragrance oils and food flavoring essences, resulting in a product diversity rarely seen in the essential oils space. The business boasts over 500 SKUs of branded oils, with a focus primarily on novelty SKUs such as cotton candy flavors, offering a robust core revenue stream due to low seasonality in terms of demand shift, and the highly consumable nature of the base product. This brand has made a name for itself in the space, and this shows with its 25% repeat customer rate, as well as a desirable impulse-buy $12 average ticket value; this has yielded consistent revenue growth with little social media or paid advertising/SEO to date. Well-seated with a recognized brand in a trendy and highly social space, this business is an excellent, low-overhead play with an absolutely minimal physical footprint, making it highly portable and highly efficient.

Since all products are manufactured in the US, overseas supplier costs and supply chain slowdowns are not a factor, meaning faster inventory turns and less working capital to stay liquid on product quantity year-round. This Internet Business has just recently taken advantage of Amazon FBA fulfillment, and has already begun the process of streamlining its already minimal-impact stock & ship model – an already small-footprint platform is well on its way to a near zero-overhead model, an investment new ownership stands to reap the benefits of in extremely short order, with the legwork already done for them by current owners. This infrastructure investment has also opened the door for new ownership in a huge way, something Amazon offers with a breadth of ease that no other sales channel can – international market expansion at very nearly the click of a button.

This acquisition also includes a well-established eBay Power Seller Account with a customer feedback score of over 5,436 positive reviews; this means scaling eBay sponsored ad spend alongside other nominal paid advertising and social campaigns a natural step in the right direction for additional scale in the hands of new ownership, and at minimal investment – this business has grown almost entirely organically since inception. Additional scale opportunities are plentiful as well, with B2B and wholesale opportunities waiting in the wings for this reputable brand; this brand would make a fantastic bolt-on to any one of a very wide variety of eCom retail portfolios thanks to its highly cross-sellable nature in many segments; as a standalone business, its continued march toward zero-overhead FBA operations means it will also stand tall as a minimum time-investment revenue stream for even the fastest moving entrepreneur as well.


This Essential Oil Retailer Represented by:

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Listing ID:  WC1054


Asking Price
$ 176,238
Cash Flow
$ 47,632
Gross Income
$ 93,039
Year Established