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Established Lead Generation Publisher in the Insurance/Debt/EDU/CPG Space – 30% Margins – Virtual Operation, No Overhead


This company and its websites and social pages drives $433,000 in annual revenue, generating 480,000 leads and sells them to call centers and prominent consumer brands including Gerber Life and Rakuten. The business is hitting its stride as more and more consumers are seeking free offers on the web. The company’s websites and landing pages funnel leads to specific advertisers via SEM/PPC/Direct Buys. Even though is listing is not SBA eligible at this time, it is an established, proven business ready for the right owner to step in and scale.

Here’s an example of how it works: A user visits their site to sign up for their list of free samples. After signing up, the company will match a 67 year old female consumer with a Medicare Advantage plan. The company makes $.60 if the consumer clicks “yes”. The company show this same consumer 15 other offers and the company makes money every time the consumer opts-in. The business operates by paying for traffic (clicks) to their landing page, getting a sign up, and monetizing that sign up.

There is tremendous upside in the Goodwill held by the company. The company holds 2 million email leads ready to be re-activated and monetized. The combined Facebook pages have 211,000 followers with an additional 11,500 followers on Instagram. The domain is a 16 year known brand and asset valued at over $25,000 with an original registration date of 2004. There are 229k searches per month with the key term search phrases. In 2019, the organic traffic was 92,000 visitors. On June 15th of 2020, the company completed a migration of the architecture of the business and has seen a 14% jump in margins in 15 days of revenue with a multitude of opportunities for future growth that come from the new architecture.

This Affiliate Marketing Company Represented by:

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Listing ID:  WC2060


Asking Price
$ 515,000
Cash Flow
$ 225,257
Gross Income
$ 778,761
Year Established