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European eCommerce Brand in the Women’s Lingerie Vertical – 5 Websites in Different Languages – 200% YOY Growth – 44% Net Margins


Website Closers® presents an eCommerce site that has staked out a unique place in the niche field of women’s lingerie, becoming a popular source across Europe by offering more than just an attractive line of women’s undergarments. The company markets specialty bras designed for oversized women who have problems with comfort. As the company likes to note, they market solutions for women, and not just lingerie, and a key part of their goal from the start has been to help women feel good about their bodies.

With 26 SKUs at market, women have help to spread the word about how unique the lingerie feels and the added comfort they enjoy while wearing it. The brand saw its revenue skyrocket by 200% between 2020 and 2021, and correspondingly their Repeat Customer Rate increased from 10% to 14% as the brand’s marketing tools gave them greater exposure. Sales also increased as the brand grew from 1 to 4 websites, each in a separate country and translated into a different language. Finding a highly receptive audience in each country, this eCommerce company now seems poised for a major growth curve, while some very appealing scale options are at their fingertips, including for a current eCom operation in the US to acquire this business and offer their current assortment alongside this lingerie.

The industry this company is operating in has certainly hit the financial jackpot in recent years, as higher spending power by women across the globe has made this market an important one to monitor. Now valued at $42 million and expected to rise to $78 million by 2027, one of the major trends impacting this industry has been efforts to make lingerie inclusive of all body types, while centering the marketing on the concept of body positivity. These cultural shifts are prompting more women to actively seek lingerie that speaks to their concepts of not just style, but comfort as well.

For a lot of these consumers, the idea of bras being specially made to be comfortable and flattering in their plus-size bras is a very welcome development, setting them out to find that perfect-fitting bra. This company’s approach to those customers helps demonstrate why they are now soaring in terms of sales and favorable reviews.

This brand set out to secure their place in a niche field. The company based in London markets numerous products, including a figure shaping tank top, bodice pants, push-up lace bra, pushup leggings with abdominal control, a V-neck bra, cotton briefs and more.

Each product is designed for oversize women, made of ultra-comfortable lace and wide padded straps. The products were also designed to be used as a pushup bra for normal-sized women to add more volume.

With an Average Order Value of $44.73, sales have been rising steadily, with low seasonality factors. Their products have been particularly popular with women between the ages of 18 and 54 who have started returning to their websites more frequently, including clients who have ordered 10 or more SKUs.

Marketing has boosted their audience. To expand their audience and drive sales, the company used a PPC ad strategy on Facebook and Google, which enabled the brand to experience higher web traffic which delivered higher revenue. The company’s decision to create new stores for different countries and in different languages was a smart move that increased their reach to customers across Europe. Their marketing enabled the company to test new creatives and different targeting angles, including retargeting.

Today the company has several marketing advantages. They generate 30,000+ visitors a month coming to their website, and the brand has 27,000+ subscribers in their email database. The company sends out two emails a month to their audience.

Their marketing could easily be expanded to boost profitability. The company could launch a strong social media marketing campaign, since photos of lingerie products do exceptionally well on sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, and those platforms would enable the company to establish an influencer campaign to further increase profits.

A major scale option would be an expansion of sales into two highly profitable markets. The first would be the United States and North America, which is already one of the top consumer bases for lingerie products. The company has also done testing in several Middle Eastern countries and found that there is enormous potential for an expansion there.

Of course, the company could also do exceptionally well by adding their listings onto popular eCommerce sites such as Amazon and Walmart.

This is a finely structured operation. This company remains a simple and efficient enterprise. They do not stock inventory and their supplier drop ships all orders. Their supplier is the only manufacturer they deal with. Products are shipped in plastic bags with scalable zippers and the company’s logo on it, and this system works so effectively that the current ownership spends just 2 hours per day running the business, focusing on tasks that include creating PPC ads, order fulfillment, and communications with their supplier.

The company employs a part-time virtual assistant who handles customer service inquiries, which tend to amount to 30+ emails a day, and they employ several contractors who oversee website design, accounting and translating the websites.

With a track record of success in finding their target market, earning plenty of 5 Star reviews for their top selling SKUs and expanding across several countries, this brand is ready to begin a major expansion with significantly higher profits to follow.

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