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The target is a one-of-a-kind, highly successful, high-growth tech company that has launched into a nascent segment all to its own in the crowdfunding space. By 2016, the crowdfunding industry is on track to account for more funding than venture capital. In 2014, $16 Billion was crowdfunded, and 2015 has tracked to grow to over $34 Billion. In comparison, the VC Industry invests an average of $30 Billion each year. Meanwhile, the crowdfunding industry is doubling or more, every year, and is spread across several types of funding models including rewards, donation, equity, and debt/lending. Equity crowdfunding has sprung forth as the newest category of crowdfunding and is further accelerating this growth and disruption. Now is the very best time to jump in on the ground floor of a soaring tech company that is seeing Massive Growth on par with its industry.

A difficult and known trend has emerged in the crowdfunding Space, where funding seekers have a particularly difficult time attracting solid, vetted investors that will actually meet the pledges they make. Up till now, product developers and project leaders have been vetted for presentation to the investors, but this business changes all of that.

Offering a subscription-based service that indexes, segments and profiles investors by donation history & statistics, the target works outside of (but in conjunction with) Kickstarter and other crowdfund sites to deliver vetted investors to product developers seeking funding on any major crowdfunding site. This business is emergent, unique, and faces nearly zero competition. Even though the company is growing in leaps and bounds, it continues to operate on a crowdfunding monetization platform with low-overhead and high margins.

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Business Listed by:
a Affiliate

Asking Price
$ 1,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 360,000
Gross Income
$ 500,000
Year Established

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