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Eyelash Enhancement Brand with a 65% Repeat Customer Rate – Shopify & Amazon DTC & B2B eCommerce Sales Channels


Website Closers® presents Beauty & Personal Care Brand that has been able to put their nearly full decade’s worth of experience to use in the B2C market, creating a line of pleasing eyelash extensions for both personal and professional use. The eyelash extension market is now worth a healthy $1.5 billion in annual sales within the beauty care industry, with more customers by the day making the decision to either purchase extensions of their own, or turn to beauty professionals for help.

Like much of the beauty industry, the eyelash extension market’s consumer base is largely made up of women. However, in recent years, there has been a rising number of male customers as well, with buyers choosing to have their lashes done in a salon much in the way they would their hair at a stylist. Lash extensions allow customers to add volume to their natural eyelashes, thickening them and giving individuals an easy way to change their looks in a positive way.

Research has shown that roughly 70% of eyelash stylists now earn over $50,000 annually, with 74% being either a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician. Eyelash care and maintenance has become an increasingly viable career path for many aspiring beauticians, and, as such, the demand for comfortable, high-quality extensions in a professional setting has become stronger than ever before.

The company’s lash extensions have inspired a dedicated, outright enthusiastic following, with many of their buyers expressing that once they try their products for the first time, it’s difficult to keep them off. Their Repeat Order Rate is now an astounding 65%, showing that a majority of their customers come away satisfied enough to keep returning for all their eyelash needs.

A factor behind their high Repeat Order Rate is the fact that eyelashes have a natural shed cycle, with a lash hair falling out about every 4 to 6 weeks. This encourages customers to return to the company after a certain amount of time, in order to keep their lashes looking full and fresh. They have a broad consumer base, ranging from beauty parlors, salons, and other professionals in the field, to Do-It-Yourselfers who would prefer to take their beauty care into their own hands. The diversity in their buyers has sent sales soaring, and put them in a solid position to scale in the near future.

The company was launched in 2014, and enjoys the valuable benefit of their products being manufactured specifically for them. Sourcing diversification plays a large part in their brand planning, ensuring that they maintain a steady supply year-round. They source from 5 main countries, one of which being the US.

Some of their top products are their adhesives and glues, which, thanks to their recurring use among buyers, now make up for 33% of their total profits. The rest of their sales are divided evenly across the over 350 SKUs they have available on their Shopify website. Their offerings aren’t restricted to just lash extensions, however. Over the years, they have begun to sell DIY products such as liquid eyeliner pens, eyelash growth serum, and eyelash extension cleansers and mascara. They also now offer eLearning classes for stylists and entrepreneurs to learn how to properly apply lash extensions to their customers, with 8 classes being available on their eLearning platform.

They now have over 50,000 clients in their B2C sales, with no one client making up over .05% of their total revenue. This high level of diversity means that, even if one client decides to stop buying from the company, their sales will see no real dip in profit. The brand has established itself as a reliable, quality source of lash extensions, giving them an advantage in a market that has seen an influx of new lash artists, “lashpreneurs”, and beauty salon customers. The company reached its highest ever monthly revenue in November of last year, with sales remaining consistent regardless of season.

The company recently expanded to Amazon in February 2021, which has proven to be a successful venture. They offer over 60 SKUs on their Amazon storefront, and while they still have a stronger Average Order Value on their main website, with their Shopify platform having a Value of $100 over Amazon’s $15, it is rapidly growing in customers and profit by the day. They operate from Seller Central, and have used PPC ads on the website to bring in a wave of new customers.

While there are many benefits to the Amazon platform, one of the main ones is the easy access to international growth. Amazon has storefronts based in many different regions around the world, which, if expanded to, would allow the company to skyrocket in size.

They bring in steady streams of profit from their variety of sales channels, with 10% of their profits coming from subscriptions, and another 10% stemming from their app. Additionally, they have also implemented a rewards program on their Shopify website, which has greatly improved customer loyalty by encouraging buyers to return for the benefits it offers.

The company handles their fulfillment for Shopify in-house with 3PL. Given the small, lightweight nature of their SKUs, the storing and shipment process has been made cheap and easy. The total warehouse space necessary for storing the 400,000 total units only takes up a floor area of about 20 by 40 feet, giving them plenty of space to work with. For Amazon, they rely on Fulfillment by Amazon to lighten their workload and storage needs.

They use a variety of tried-and-true methods for their marketing plan, making it simple to bring in new customers and promote upsells to existing ones. These methods rely on a cultured brand strategy and message to appeal to their core demographic, beauty professionals, and have proven effective enough that they’re now racing to an even 70% for their Repeat Customer Rate.

Along with their Amazon ads, they also run PPC advertisements on Google, as well. They also make regular use of their over 50,000 subscriber strong email database, having created a marketing campaign that sends out about 2 to 3 emails per week. They have a similar strategy with their SMS text messaging campaigns, which have the benefit of letting the company more directly access their consumer base. Their campaigns are set for flows built around auto managing their client behavior, making the process far more efficient.

The company is also active on social media, and can be found on several popular websites. Their campaigns center around 78,000+ monthly views on Pinterest, over 95,000 on Instagram, and over 120,300 followers on Facebook. This persistent activity has given them ample amounts of organic traffic, giving them a spotlight for their products.

They utilize a SEO program, having optimized their site to include keywords for its PPC campaigns, and make it much easier for customers to find their products. They have also created a popular blog on their website to boost traffic even further, which now has over 150 articles. These tactics, combined with the rest of their strategy, has led to a rate of over 200,000 unique visitors every month.

The current owner spends a mere 6 to 8 hours per week running the business, making for a fantastic turn-key acquisition for a buyer. The company’s daily operations are handled by a team of four employees, which consist of a customer success manager, a marketing project manager, a supply chain manager, and a warehouse overseer.

The Beauty and Personal Care market shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon, and neither does this remarkable deal. They have a great reputation among both B2C and DTC consumers, a strong network of suppliers at their disposal, and a flourishing future ahead of it.

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