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High Traffic News Service Focused on the Jewish Community

    Executive Summary

  • News publication with over 1.2 Million active Facebook followers
  • 8,000,000- 12,000,000 website visitors per month, and growing
  • Focuses News on the Jewish Segment and Israel-related topics
  • 3rd largest Jewish News site in the World
  • One of the largest websites in the United States
  • 65% of website visitors are North American
  • 99% of Facebook Followers and Site Visitors are Jewish

This multimedia web company is one of the fastest growing websites in the world. With 8-12 Million site visitors per month, and 1.2M Facebook followers, the company generates a healthy amount of traffic and interest, which has continued to grow throughout 2014 and in 2015. Current leadership uses an unbiased approach to providing the Jewish Community with news from around the world, in real time.

The company has overgrown its current leadership team. They are currently looking to exit the business (all or partially) and allow a synergistic buyer to utilize a phenomenal platform and generate scale. Current leadership is happy to stay on board if requested, but not mandatory. This company would be a great add-on to any current Media Company, or to an investment group looking for a niche, highly focused resource with a massive, targeted following.

The company primarily generates revenue through the use of a series of Ad Networks, with the current mix generating North of $735,000 in cash flow. The company is growing nicely and all revenue is reoccurring revenue. The company has a number of growth opportunities immediately available to it, including the use of proprietary content articles, podcasts, adding higher CPC Ad Networks, and much more.

Scale can also be realized by enhancing the site’s current revenue model beyond Google AdSense by integrating the site into a larger advertising platform, by creating a targeting tool for the Jewish Segment, and/or by creating an onsite Media Kit to provide Advertisers with an opportunity to market to the highly coveted Jewish Segment either on site or via the Facebook feed. There’s also a large opportunity to expand social networks into, among others, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit.

The Jewish Segment has double the Median Household Worth of the typical American Family, double the level of higher education, triple the average household income and generally has a better well-being than any other ethnic or religious group in America. Because of these statistics, the Jewish Segment has a great deal of purchasing and political power. This website holds an authoritative lead over virtually all other news sources in America in Jewish Readership; thus, it is a great opportunity for the right buying entity.

Asking Price
$ 4,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 735,000
Gross Income
$ 840,000
Year Established

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