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FDA Approved Blue Light Eyeglasses Brand – Operates out of the United Kingdom – 350% Growth Rate – Website Based eCommerce Sales


Website Closers® presents a thriving eCommerce business that successfully turned the public’s need for protective eyeglasses into a product that helps reduce headaches and improve the ease and quality of sleep. Within less than two years, this company has gathered incomparable reviews from customers who say these unique, FDA-approved Blue Light Lenses have helped to eliminate various conditions ranging from sore eyes to migraines. Sales have quickly soared as word-of-mouth praise and influencer content has helped build a loyal customer base. With massive and consistent adoption, this brand has experienced a whopping 350% YOY growth rate.

Effectively leveraging social media to boost organic traffic, the company now enjoys a social media following that exceeds 12,300 in addition to an email database of 35,000+. With 45 SKUs and an average order value of $40, this brand’s sales are rising fast, giving the company enviable 75% gross margins.

This business is well suited for a massive growth curve.  Current sales are conducted largely in the UK, and an expansion into the U.S. market could send revenues skyrocketing. The company also has an opportunity to increase its SKUs to different styles of glasses that all continue to offer the highly effective and sought-after blue light tint.

This eyeglasses brand was launched to a specific, but very large target market that is rapidly growing … those that spend eight plus hours each day in front of a computer screen, on tablets, phones, TVs and other devices. With these electronic devices that emit blue light becoming more and more integral to everyday life, people are increasingly experiencing headaches and sore eyes. This brand developed its own blue light filter computer glasses with lenses that have a specialized coating that stops blue light from damaging or tiring out the eyes.

All of their FDA-approved glasses go through rigorous testing protocols to ensure that they can block 100% of ultraviolet light and a similar amount of violet light. Research has shown that limiting one’s exposure to blue light also helps people get to sleep faster.

This company now markets 45 SKUs through its Shopify website, and is now averaging 50 shipments per day. Their products are sourced through an agent in China, and then sold under their own brand. In a short time, sales have grown considerably and now remain steady and healthy year-round, with no seasonal factors. Their typical customer is women between the ages of 16 and 32. Utilizing impactful influencer campaigns, this company has earned a steadily growing consumer base and is easily able to gather content from and for women in their 20s.

Earning innumerable glowing reviews, this company shines the light on quality, design, and appeal. Their loyal customers not only praise the style and look of the glasses, but also how the products have helped to reduce their headaches or enabled them to get to sleep faster at night, effectively providing the company with critical word of mouth advertising that’s helped boost sales significantly.

The company typically stocks around 2,000 pieces, with shipments handled by an exceptionally reliable 3PL.

Leveraging a strategic marketing mix of paid and organic advertising. This popular company runs Google and Facebook PPC ads while also relying on organic traffic from posts on Instagram, where their account has 9,000+ followers, along with Facebook, where they have 3,300+ followers.  They also post ads on sites such as Snapchat and TikTok.

Their marketing has been extremely efficient. In fact, this brand now receives 40,000+ average monthly visits to their website, and their email database has grown to a huge 35,000+ list of addresses which are used for an effective email marketing campaign. Using this invaluable contact database, the brand sends out three emails a week, one offering discounts on special products, a second that offers educational advice on their glasses, and a third focused on building rapport with their audience. The brand continues to receive incredibly positive feedback and interactions from these emails.

Having accomplished so much, so quickly, this brand has created a remarkably functional eCommerce site that has tremendous growth potential. Currently operating in the UK, the business is set to expand into the rest of Europe and the United States within the next year. Doing so would dramatically increase sales and give this brand the ability to more than triple its customer base. Their products are now FDA-approved, and the brand has been getting U.S. purchases without any online targeting yet in place.

The company could also bolster sales by expanding its SKUs, with promising options such as diversifying the types of products being offered, and becoming a website more singularly focused on cutting-edge solutions to sleep problems, headaches, and eyestrain.

For sleep conditions they could begin marketing pillows, eye masks, and capsules that assist with headaches and melatonin. Cooling and hydrating eye masks are already popular sleep aids and eye treatments that could help this brand thrive.

This company could also launch its first SEO program and start ranking for keywords such as sleep-related search terms, ergonomic tools, and headache treatment searches on Google that would help the website rank organically. The company does have a blog on its website, but it is underutilized, and that could also be used more efficiently to expand the customer base.

Now dedicating 50 hours per week running this business, the current ownership is tasked with purchasing inventory and marketing. However, the incoming buyer could minimize much of this demand by keeping the seller on as a consultant post-acquisition.

Staffed by three contractors that include a customer service agent, and agencies to oversee the brand’s Google ads and Facebook ads. They generally handle about 20 customer service contacts per day.

This is a terrific opportunity to own a company that has taken a daily necessity, a pair of glasses, and tapped into a phenomenally fast-growing market for people who need their special lenses to help cope with the effects of sitting in front of a computer all day.

At a time when more people than ever are working remotely by connecting to their home computer, the market for these specialized blue light glasses is certain to continue rising, and this company has some exceptional growth options moving forward. By implementing SEO to boost organic growth while also expanding sales into much larger markets, such as the U.S, this brand could scale exponentially.

The company now sends out educational emails to its large database providing information about the health benefits of using their FDA-approved product and boosting the website’s blog for similar educational materials would also contribute to reaching a much larger customer base.

This brand is riding a wave of popularity for glasses that can help workers who need to be in front of a computer screen for long periods of time, and it’s right at the tipping point now for an explosive growth phase.

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