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This Internet Business sells its own brand of consumer products that targets the female demographic in the weight loss and body training segment. In December alone this company turned a $21,000 profit – the six month average for this company at $15,775. This sector is growing year over year and is expected to continue its growth trend for many years to come.

As with many eCommerce companies today, this company’s primary sales channel is The target sells products both on the site as well as on all of the European Amazon sites. The primary products sold here are focused on helping individuals look and feel better about their bodies, an evergreen need that always has been and always will be top of mind for the female demographic segment.

This business utilizes a very low overhead model, by using Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) warehouses to store, pick, pack and ship all products. Amazon also handle most customer service inquires for its prime customers. Therefore, this business can be operated from anywhere with an Internet connection, without the need for employees, office space and other expenses that go with each of these.

The Company has just touched the surface of scale. There are a number of additional sales channels immediately available, including: expanding the dot com and its online advertising footprint; growing an affiliate base; and expanding its existing product line. Now that the company has built its relationship with suppliers, and established itself on the current sales channels, it will be easy to expand the business through just product expansion alone.

This business has 3 performance factors that make it stand out from the eCommerce crowd:

1. Scale. Branded Consumer Products can be sold at wholesale, can be expanded to any online channel and can be sold worldwide. Using the power of the brand, a buyer can accelerate sales and reap a great deal of profit.

2. Branding. A new owner can use the brand to scale the ecommerce storefront and the brand on major search and comparison shopping engines.

3. Need. The primary products sold by this business are evergreen in nature generating repeat business (women order additional smaller sizes as they slim) and appeal to an ever-replenishing customer base of people that want to look slimmer.

This Amazon Company Represented by:
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Asking Price
$ 275,000
Cash Flow
$ 138,000
Gross Income
$ 518,000
Year Established

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