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Female Consumer Products Wellness Brand – DTC eCommerce Company with a Strong Social Media Presence – Easy to Run & Transition – 20,000+ Monthly Visitors


Website Closers® presents a unique eCommerce business based within the profitable niche of Sexual Health and Wellness products.  Growing fast, this brand has found immense popularity on Instagram, where it has developed a lively audience base of more than 32,900 followers. The company also sees 20,000 to 30,000 visitors to its website per month, thanks to its strong marketing practices combining paid advertising and organic SEO. The nature of the products ensures that they experience steady profit margins year-round. As interest and demand grows in an increasingly open-minded population, any buyer will find themselves with a vast amount of scale opportunities to work with.

The company currently offers 12 SKUs, including several which have color variants for customers looking to bring a bit of personalization to their purchase. These products have a wealth of 5-star ratings and glowing reviews on their official website, with their most popular product having a perfect 5-star rating based off more than 1,000 reviews. Their quality has not only netted the brand a strong repeat customer relationship, but an Average Order Value of $85 and an even higher Average Customer Lifetime Value of $200. A contributing factor to their success is their strong social media presence. The brand makes regular posts on their Instagram account, sharing relatable memes, spreading awareness about the importance of sexual health and self-care, and providing helpful information on their products.

Though they utilize several advertising tactics, such as email marketing campaigns and paid advertisements, some of their sales are organic, and there’s tremendous room to grow this. And this goes to show the importance of their audience engagement, which provides for improved interactions with their core demographic of women between the ages of 18 to 40. The global market that the brand is based within has also seen substantial growth in recent years, having hit $33.64 billion USD in 2020 alone.

It’s expected to rise even further to an incredible $52.39 billion USD by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 8.04%. The stigma surrounding sexual wellness has weakened over time, with the Gen-Z and millennial demographics expressing more awareness toward the importance of exploring their sexuality in a healthy way. The brand’s existing popularity creates a fantastic jumping-off point for stronger growth in the future. By adding new varieties of products to their SKU line, the company would be able to better target the preferences of their customer base and raise profits significantly.

Today, this company employs a basic SEO strategy on their product descriptions and titles, which, if improved, could make the brand appear more frequently in search results. There are also plans to hire a SEO writer to start up a blog on the website. This informational and educational blog could address topics such as sexual education and wellness, self-care, and other information relevant to their customer base, which would bring in even more traffic to the website and strengthen their following.

Another way to expand their following would be to explore additional social media channels. While they are already highly popular on Instagram and are cultivating a presence on YouTube through influencer partnerships, there is a large untapped market on platforms such as TikTok, Twitter, and Pinterest. By creating an active presence on these popular social media platforms with regular posts and engagement, the brand could ensure their products reach as wide of an audience as possible and build up a sense of loyalty among their consumers.

They could also partner with additional influencers for marketing campaigns, and to help broadcast new products, special deals and discounts, and any possible giveaways. The company’s products are all sold on their official website, which leaves room for exploration into other online retail channels. They could build up a presence on massive eCommerce websites such as Amazon, which, with the help of some advertising, would make the products more widely accessible, and bring them to the attention of customers who use these platforms for most of their shopping needs.

The leap from eCommerce to wholesale channels is worth considering as well. Their success with the B2C model has led to them becoming a more widely recognized name within their niche, which opens up the possibility to expand into a B2B model. They could establish wholesale outlets through independent adult novelty stores and big box franchises.

The business’s existing infrastructure means that management is both simple and highly flexible. The current owner spends just 10 to 15 hours per week on the brand, which varies depending on how focused they are on scaling existing campaigns. Their responsibilities include making social media posts, checking in to ensure the warehouses have sufficient inventory, launching new products, and running advertisements. The rest of the business is handled via third party contractors, without the need for full-time or part-time employees. As such, the brand is easy to run from any location, and can either be kept as is or adjusted depending on the buyer’s preferences and needs.

They enjoy several exclusive pricing deals with their sourcing agents, which lets them offer the high-quality products they do at the best prices.

The warehouses the brand relies upon ensure fast shipping times, excellent customer service, and affordable rates, which lets them keep up with the roughly 600-1000 orders that the brand ships out per month.

The sexual wellness market is blossoming among a generation keen to explore its many benefits. As the taboo surrounding sexuality fades, it’s expected that the demand for sexual health products will skyrocket to heights it had never managed to reach before.

This acquisition will allow buyers to take advantage of this rising interest, and offers a strong pre-established customer base, along with a management system flexible enough to be tweaked as they see fit.

If you’re interested in this brand and all of its amazing scale potential, contact Website Closers today to learn more.

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