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The target is a Health & Wellness brand focused on the Female Demographic, with an industry-leading line of Mobile App digital product offerings focused on bladder health and incontinence remediation. This eCommerce Retailer sells across the North American and Eurozone markets, both via its highly professional, branded website and Amazon (and its numerous International Marketplaces).

This brand is immensely well represented in a growing, baby-boomer-centric segment with a highly polished brand presentation and has realized exceptional year-over-year growth at over 873% scale in annual earnings. The products are receiving extremely high ratings and reviews, showing that women that use this product are highly accepting of this useful product line.

This international retail brand can be operated anywhere in the world by virtually anyone. No experience in retail, Amazon or eCommerce is necessary because the business is easily trainable. And because all products are shipped and stored by Amazon, there is no need for warehouse space or related human capital, leaving ownership to focus on new product development. These broadly applicable products have been developed in-house and are supplied directly to FBA for all markets, with fully SOP-driven processes supporting an agile and lightweight fulfillment and QA back end from start to finish.

This business has tremendous appeal in many regards – 4 SKUs are already established with an additional high-end product designed and ready to be launched in Q3 of 2019, meaning this SKU lineup will easily expand moving forward to keep the brand fresh and relevant without having to leave the comfort of existing supplier relationships.

These products are 100% proprietary, exclusive, branded and trademarked – they yield over 25%+ average net margin across the board, and ask zero physical footprint of ownership; just three or four virtual assistants are required for this business to continue its meteoric rise in sales growth, with abundant scale options available not the least of which are standing invitations from Amazon for multiple international markets.

This Health & Wellness Brand Represented by:

Website Closers
Technology & Internet M&A
Reviews Available

Asking Price
$ 1,300,000
Cash Flow
$ 415,517
Gross Income
$ 1,483,094
Year Established