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The target is a Health & Personal Care Brand that currently sells direct to consumer via multiple eCommerce channels. This Internet Company operates within a valuable niche demographic, specializing in selling health and wellness products to help women naturally grow longer stronger hair. Hair loss affects roughly 50% of all women, and 80% of women experience noticeable hair loss by the age of 60. In the United States alone, 21 Million women suffer from hair loss. In 2018, the global hair care market is estimated to be worth about $87 billion US dollars.

Boasting exceptionally stout profit margins on over $100,000 USD monthly revenue, the company is currently laser-focused on several core SKUs centered around hair care and promoting healthy hair growth and renewal. These products include: shampoo, conditioner, an Argan Oil hair enriching product, and a proprietary, in-house formulated hair growth vitamin product.

Thanks to a tightly focused and niche approach to an otherwise typically broad segment (hair care), this retailer manages to establish a brand and product offering differentiation value proposition that is unique in the segment – it also has successfully blended multiple approaches to hair care through vitamins, shampoos, conditioners and ointments through singular and various packaged offerings. The results have been powerful due to the growing worldwide need within the overall hair care segment and the evergreen nature of this particular beauty product and the consistently-trending desire for boutique-level, naturally formulated products.

This powerhouse retailer is averaging $102.00 USD per ticket price thanks to a high-volume, high-demand offering, including a packaging option for multiple hair care treatment opportunities – it is seeing almost 30% Repeat Customer Rates at its highly polished Shopify website storefront, and two of its core SKUs are shipping FBA though a 5 STAR Amazon storefront, currently only selling within the US market.

Having realized exceptional growth since inception and establishing a highly agile, low-overhead back end asking very little of ownership with only minimal paid advertising and social presence, this brand is an excellent play for new ownership thanks to standout scale opportunities waiting in the wings; whether you take this brand to retail store shelves, build an affiliate sales network, diversify into cross sell SKUs, or simply boost incremental revenue on Amazon with features like Subscribe & Save which are already available – this branded line is hitched securely to one of the fastest growing and evergreen segments in eCommerce today, and its continued success is all but guaranteed in the hands of the right owners.

This Health & Wellness Brand Represented by:
Tech & Internet Business Brokers

Asking Price
$ 8,650,000
Cash Flow
$ 2,011,865
Gross Income
$ 8,015,104
Year Established

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