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Fishing Tackle & Gear eCommerce Brand with a Humorous Twist – Male Demographic with a 30% Repeat Order Rate – Strong Social Media Following


Website Closers® presents a unique opportunity to acquire a successful Brand of Outdoor Fishing Tackle & Gear that markets products to consumers with a passion for fishing – but they do it with a twist. This brand has thrived on the sense of humor of its clients and appeals to those fed up with political correctness. Fishing and Controversy have turned out to be a winning combination as sales have been soaring.

This brand has developed a series of products, from tackle to snapback caps, to beer koozies and t-shirts, all designed to create – how shall we say – an anatomically fashion forward line of products for fishers, which is a key part of their appeal to their customer base. Think Fox News on the way to a Trump Rally on an RV Trip. Not surprisingly, the products have been offensive to some, and the brand has been censored on Facebook. That turned out to be just the right advertising gimmick this brand needed to expand its customer base and boost sales of those tired of political correctness. With a constant reminder that they don’t apologize for anything they sell, this brand has impactfully resonated with its target audience.

Well beyond people who buy fishing gear, this company appeals to those who like the idea of poking fun at political correctness. Their core demographic has become customers who are conservative, love to fish, and are sick of companies that apologize anytime someone seems offended by a product. Launched in 2015, this company set out from the start to be different from the pack. While the business sells ordinary products like fishing tackle, hats and shirts, it’s the naughty look and message of their SKUs that truly set them apart from the pack.

The appeal of their products became obvious as their customer base continued to get larger, and the company began enjoying wildly positive reviews from customers who get the joke, love it, and are happy to promote it. Word of mouth and strong reviews have become the company’s top marketing tool six years later.

The company notes on its website that these are products customers won’t find anywhere else, and that’s not just a reference to their humorous message. All products are proprietary, fully trademarked, and part of a registered brand. That means their direct competition is relatively low, while plenty of other companies sell tackle gear, beer accessories, and hats, no one else offers these special designs that stands out so strongly.

Sales have flourished on an average order value of $45.10, and the company has continued to add to its SKUs, now offering 1,180+ products, which has also helped sales. Another benefit is that their products are premium priced compared to similar sized tackle gear since they are novelty items.

Their revenues tend to peak twice during the year, around the start of the fishing season in the spring, and then during the holiday season. This company is operating in several highly profitable industries, including fishing equipment, outdoors activities, outdoor clothing, and recreation, and their customer demographics continue to strengthen. The brand now appeals to men between the ages of 25-55 who don’t get offended easily, and they have demonstrated crossover appeal to veterans, hunters, gun owners, and Second Amendment advocates. Each one of these groups has become fiercely loyal. A huge 30% of sales are from repeat customers.

In addition to their own website, the company also lists its products on Amazon. Sales have been so strong that the company hasn’t expanded its marketing efforts, beyond running PPC ads on Facebook in 2020. Their main source of advertising has been through email. The company now has an email database of 27,000 subscribers which they use for regular email marketing campaigns and upsells. They also have a social media program that includes 23,700+ followers on Instagram, but there are plenty of ways to use digital marketing in the future to scale this business.

One would be to create sponsored online content on social media sites like Instagram and YouTube, then launching an influencer marketing campaign to boost the brand recognition and deliver more sales. The company could also use YouTube and TikTok as the platforms for humorous videos that help introduce their products to a wider audience.

The company has the option to build up its email database since past email campaigns have proven to be highly effective in driving sales.

Finally, the business could launch its first SEO program that would include use of keywords to boost their rankings in search engines and a blog on their website, and to run PPC ads on Amazon to expand the customer base even further.

Marketing isn’t the only option for scale. The brand could create a monthly apparel or tackle club that mails out a shirt or hat of the month, which could prove to be a highly effective form of promotional advertising and add highly valuable subscription revenue to the business. The company could also focus on expanding sales on Amazon and explore international shipments by listing on Amazon’s overseas platforms.

There is enormous potential by exploring the B2B market. The company could create wholesale relationships with distributors and small tackle shops.

The company has a very smooth and efficient operation, one that requires no more than 10 hours of work each week by the current owner, who focuses mainly on responding to emails, fulfilling orders, and maintaining the automated system. The sole employee is a part-time customer service representative.

The company now averages between 11 and 62 shipments a day, and stocks up to $125,000+ worth of inventory in their 700 square foot warehouse.

The uniqueness of this company’s products makes this an attractive and engaging offer because this is something that customers can’t get anywhere else. That’s been fully demonstrated by the fact that their customers keep coming back to make new purchases, are happy to give the company a very enthusiastic review and have been their top method for advertising. Purchasing this company means bringing those satisfied customers along as well.

Businesses that can stand out from the crowd are often the ones that find the most devoted customers and can continue to expand and bring on new ones. That’s what makes this offering such an appealing one.

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