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Flag & Flagpole eCommerce Company – Country, State, Military & Historical Flags and Flagpoles – Website & Amazon Sales Mix


Website Closers® presents a highly unique provider of niche products. This patriotically driven eCommerce seller provides flags and flagpole products across 6 different categories. From their flags spanning 59 different countries to their 52 state and provinces flags, this company offers more than 130 individual SKUs that are all 100% sourced, manufactured, and assembled in the USA. In addition to their governing body flags, this company offers many military and historic flags that appeal across a multitude of market segments. Currently selling effectively through their own website as well as through, this proven seller carries a 98% positive lifetime review standing along with an Amazon Choice badge.

With spanning opportunities internationally, this company could scale exponentially with the addition of enhanced marketing techniques as well as channel diversification and SKU creation. There are many industry branches that this acquisition has left untapped such as sports flags, college flags, custom flag options, and pop culture flags based on media such as movies, TV Shows, and video games. With 6 years of consistent profit under their belt, this company brings with it a solid foundation and vast growth opportunities that a capable new owner could leverage to create unimaginably profitable revenue streams.

The company operates on a hybrid inventory model with some dropship and some stocked, through Amazon FBA. Leveraging 4 differing variations on the American flag, 45% of all product sales for this company come from American Flags. That being said, this business does create and offer flags across military organizations, historical categories, and 59 other countries, this has positioned them effectively to become a global business rapidly by expanding their offerings onto Amazon international and other worldwide sales hubs. Another great extension of their purchasing channels may come from brick-and-mortar companies that specialize in products and cuisines of any one particular country.

Currently completing 94% of customer conversions through Amazon, this business utilizes organic and paid placements on Pinterest, PPC ads on Amazon, content marketing, and promotional search ads through Google to drive traffic to both of their digital storefronts. Building on this strategic marketing mix, an incoming buyer could optimize all Amazon listings for SEO as well as improve the ongoing SEO practices on this company’s website. Additionally, engaging in email marketing and influencer marketing are remarkably impactful
routes for this industry.

A highly streamlined business, this company only necessitates 20 hours weekly of the current ownership who is responsible for inventory management and supplier coordinating. If needed, these tasks could be re-assigned to a remote supply chain manager, freeing up more of the incoming owner’s time to either focus on scaling the company or to simply sit back and watch the profits come in. At the moment, this brand does have 3 part time workers who work to answer customer concerns, craft all social media posts, and monitor Amazon listings, they also label and ship lower volume products.

A huge competitor in the spanning US Patriotism industry as well as throughout many of the flag needing populations such as corporate decorators, homeowners, and specialized restaurants, this company has a steady and reliable profit margin across their 132 unique SKUs. With incomparable scaling opportunities that include everything from SKU creation and enhanced promotion to international brand extensions, this acquisition is a 6 year established and increasingly promising opportunity for any kind of buyer.

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Website Closers

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Listing ID:  WC2216

Asking Price
$ 440,000
Cash Flow
$ 110,420
Gross Income
$ 1,102,566
Year Established