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Food Safety & Integrated Pest Management Agricultural Consultants and Auditors – AG Service Provider for Growers – 90% Repeat Business


Website Closers® presents a mature and highly profitable business that has built up a strong and authoritative reputation within the agricultural industry, becoming an expert at providing consulting services in highly specialized areas such as pest management control, food safety auditing, and training.

Having grown an extensive and vibrant network consisting of consultants, trade groups, manufacturing entities, universities, and growers, the company has flourished by expanding 11% since 2015. With the market for food safety consulting projected to grow rapidly in the coming years, this brand is well-established, and their customer base is growing as fast as their crops.

This is a highly unique and very profitable consulting firm within the agriculture industry that has brought in revenue close to or exceeding $1 million for the past three years, and their services are specialized enough that competition is minimal. Their evergreen customer base gives them an average contract size that ranges from $3,000 to $10,000, while their client retention rate is above 90%.

With strong community roots, this company can be grown exponentially with the introduction of a digital marketing plan. The company has relied on word of mouth and could increase sales significantly by investing more into an SEO program, the use of social media and PPC ad creation to generate heightened web traffic. That would enable the company to expand its auditing projects to new clients.

The brand also has a major untapped market to focus on: the fast-growing hemp/cannabis industries. Marijuana is now legal for medical use in 36 states and for recreational use in 17 other states. As hemp remains a highly profitable industry, and a thoroughly regulated one, there are a multitude of opportunities to provide consulting services to the industrial hemp growers across the nation, a field this brand has already started venturing into.

Founded in 2003, this company provides highly specialized consulting services to food manufacturing and agricultural industries. That includes Integrated Pest Management, which provides strategies for reducing pest pressures through weekly production area inspections and determining which remedies are most needed.  This service could be further monetized through the sale of bulk remedies that can be recommended and sold through the company.

The brand also performs audits to ensure that a farming site meets certification level requirements for Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards. They also help prepare growers for both domestic and international second and third-party audits while aiding in the development of food safety prerequisite programs.

Over the past decade, this brand has created strong programs from their ability to advise, develop, train, support, and aid clients in the management of their own agricultural and food production businesses.

With a customer base of more than 200 clients and contracts as high as $10,000, more than 90% of their clients stay on long term, using their services for 5 years or longer. Part of this brand’s strength has been in successfully developing an extensive network of growers, consultants, packing houses, commodity groups, industry leaders, research organizations, and agriculture service companies. The company frequently utilizes this network to gain new opportunities within the market, and this network has also enabled them to remain up to date on customer needs while staying informed about any changes in regulations or technology happening within this industry.

That spanning reach has also enabled this company to enjoy considerable word of mouth sales as they have become so well established within specific agricultural industries.  Being highly competitive with pricing for their services and with an experienced and well-respected work force at their disposal, this brand has done very little advertising to date.

The company collaborates with agriculture and industry trade groups and has been able to market their services through industry conferences or through the public training programs they offer. While networking with other consultants and agriculture services, the brand offers finder fees to anyone who brings them new clients.

Engaging in digital marketing will open the doors for a larger client base for their auditing projects and the online training they provide for both GFSI and non-GFSI certifications.

This company could also increase profits considerably by expanding its consulting and training services into the emerging industrial hemp industry. With hemp growing now legal in the U.S., industrial hemp has become a viable, profitable, and sustainable crop for the American farmer. Developments in the hemp industry are moving at a rapid pace, and many of the farmers new to this crop rely on much-needed data, research, and educational resources to help them become successful, from planting to harvesting and even marketing. In fact, with marijuana also gaining legalization across the US, participating in their heavy regulations and tracking services could also drive tremendous profit.

This brand has also demonstrated the wide appeal of its services for IPM, Food Safety Consulting, Training, and Auditing, and could find a much larger and thriving market through improved marketing efforts.

It would be helpful if the buyer were either operating within or interested in agriculture or food manufacturing. The current owner is prepared to stay on to provide training during the transition, and all of the owner’s employees have similar skill sets that can be transferred to a buyer. At least two employees are utilized for most the company’s projects, so a backup is ready if the other consultant isn’t available.

This well-established and profitable company has nearly two decades of experience building up a loyal client base for its well utilized agriculture and food service consulting.  Their expertise has enabled them to draw in tremendous profits and continue to grow, thanks to a trusted network that delivers solid word of mouth sales.

This business is poised for enormous growth as it shifts into two of the more modern trends today: the use of digital marketing to expand the customer base, and the rise of industrialized hemp. Both trends offer immense scaling opportunities for a business that’s already enjoyed the financial benefits of its well-maintained services. As a key player and brand leader within the field of agriculture and food services, this brand is ripe for dramatic profits as it grows in uniquely modern ways.

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