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French Based eCommerce Brand selling Home Security & Remote Monitoring Devices – Strong YouTube Following – 50,000 Monthly Visitors


Website Closers® presents a thriving eCommerce company based in France that has developed a line of Home Monitoring Solutions, including Surveillance Cameras and Accessories. They enjoy year around sales and their Repeat Order Rate is currently growing. Using video tutorials posted on YouTube, this company has demonstrated a wide appeal to France’s homeowners and business owners, and now enjoys a 20% Repeat Customer Rate, which is rising fast. The company’s financial success in France highlights the enormous growth this industry is experiencing today, as enhanced technology has made at home security both affordable and far more sophisticated, allowing customers to always control these security systems through their smart phone. 

The global video surveillance camera market is valued at $23.6 billion and projected to grow to $44 billion by 2025. In recent years the market has been benefitting from the increased popularity of smart camera systems, which uses AI technology and analytics software to expertly monitor risks and allows the customer to manage multiple cameras at once. 

Within just three years, this brand has developed a loyal and enthusiastic audience offering high praise for their SKUs, how easy it takes to install the cameras, and how effectively they work. The brand sees sales spikes between June and August and then again around the holidays – key months when families are heading off on vacation and want to be certain their property is well protected. Effectively understanding and addressing a problem their customers may be facing – the possible vulnerability of their home against an intrusion – and providing a high-tech solution, this company has seen consumer loyalty and word-of-mouth growth drive sales. How did they get here? By identifying and expertly marketing to their customers’ safety concerns, and being in a market that is currently transitioning from expensive custom install solutions to complete solutions that homeowners can easily install and update themselves.

Launched in January 2019, the company began sourcing products from a supplier in China, offering a motion detection indoor and outdoor rotating camera that automatically tracks moving objects. That has quickly become their top seller. The brand also markets solar HD cameras with an attached solar panels, mini motorized indoor cameras, and outdoor cameras. 

There are accessories available, including performance cards, power extension cords, USB cables, adjustable wall mounts and ethernet cables. All products are sold under their brand name.

With a high Average Order Value of $135, sales have been brisk in the past two years; their demographics are strong and, interestingly, offer variations depending on the type of camera being sold. For outdoor cameras, the main customers are men aged 35 or older, while for indoor cameras, women aged 25 and older are selecting those SKUs. The top priorities among their customers include not just heightened security, but also having the option to monitor pets, seniors living at home, and children.

The company now stocks 100% of its products in China, with the supplier handling shipments. Up to 40 orders get shipped daily from their warehouse in China, and 4 weeks’ worth of inventory is stocked monthly.

One reason why this brand has been so competitive is their creative use of video tutorials that provide explanations for how the cameras work, how to install them, and additional features such as motion detectors and alerts. The benefits of using them, whether to protect the home or keep tracking of the kids, are outlined as well, and those videos have become a highly effective marketing tool on the brand’s YouTube channel, where they have enjoyed more than 31,000+ views. 

The brand’s digital marketing plan is extensive and includes use of PPC ads on Facebook, Google, Bing, and Criteo, and an SEO program that features an educational blog on their website with more than 60 posted articles. These efforts are paying off, since the company now receives 50,000+ monthly visitors per month.

The brand has built up a strong email database of 19,500+ subscribers which is efficiently used for retargeting. The revenue being generated through their email marketing campaigns (outsourced to an agency) have been substantial and consistent. They currently make up 34% of total revenue. 

While Google ads have enabled this company to develop a solid customer base, to grow sales even further likely requires more products being introduced. The company has identified numerous new systems that could be added to their product line, including more variations on the outdoor rotative camera, 4K resolution cameras, Power over Ethernet (PoE) cameras, baby monitor cameras, mini cameras, dashcams, and surveillance systems that include 4 NRV cameras. 

Adding these items would not only expand the customer base significantly, but also allow the company to effectively upsell to its existing audience. 

That’s not the only scale option. The brand now operates exclusively on its own website, and in France, where 90% of sales take place. The company has the option to expand sales onto popular eCommerce sites such as Amazon, which would introduce their SKUs to the massive customer base that eCommerce giant has.

That would also enable the company to expand sales internationally, using Amazon’s platforms in the United States, Canada, and the rest of Europe to compete in those nations as well. The brand is in the process of preparing a custom app for release that would enable customers to integrate all their security cameras onto one electronic system and launch more videos and tutorials to expand the customer base. With new SKUS, the custom app and new videos being posted on social media, the brand could then raise its PPC ad spend for what would certainly be skyrocketing profits.

This is a highly automated business that requires no more than 10 hours per week to operate, with primary tasks that include managing the service providers and customer service, accounting and researching new products. The company employs 2 virtual assistants to handle customer service inquiries, which average about 40 contacts per day.

This is an opportunity to own a relatively new business that has connected well with its customer base, addressing their security concerns and using videos to demonstrate how effective their SKUs are for providing a first-rate solution. 

There are enormous scale options available here, from listing on Amazon to selling in the U.S. to diversifying the product line. The company has a loyal customer base, and now a buyer has the ability to dramatically expand it.

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