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French eLearning Technology Business providing Online Training Videos for Various Investment Opportunities


This target is an eLearning Technology Business that provides Online Training Videos to French Speakers in a number of key categories, including how to build an Online Business, how to invest in Real Estate, and the secret to stock market investments. This Internet Company is seeing aggressive growth, a high Average Order Value and High Margins. A dominant player in the French speaking marketplace, the company is in Position 1 in Google for many high traffic keywords associated with the training videos offered.

With a mailing list of over 200,000 and 229,000 YouTube subscribers, this 100% organically-driven business can continue on auto-pilot while exploding into other language markets. Owner is happy to work with buyer on a creative transition and has multiple strategies for scaling including a revenue generating e-book, creating additional content and helping a new owner develop an approach to outsourced content. Someone with a passion for educating can step into a gold mine.

A true leader in their genre, the videos created by this company explain step-by-step how to create and manage businesses, and how to begin investing and exploring the real estate and stock markets. Most of the programs are priced between $1,000 and $2,000, with package deals available. Average order values are $286, and a lifetime customer value of over $1,000. With over 2,400 unique visitors daily, this is a cash cow for any potential owner.

Largely hands off on the maintenance side, the business only requires one hour per week, with most daily tasks outsourced to a part time employee who is extremely familiar with daily operations, and is eager to stay on. New owners will spend the majority of their time creating and recording content for the websites and social media sites. Current owner has created a huge support network, and dedicates time to helping others advance in the niche, which helps maintain a sterling reputation.

All advertising is SEO based, with no advertising necessary for ongoing operations. A paid media campaign could help promote the company immediately. Current owners have focused on service, and keyword domination. Success is garnered through customer service and providing a valuable product to consumers (as testified to by the near zero refund request rate). Social media channels are extremely popular and well received:


866,660 views monthly


74,248 users monthly (82.2% from organic search and 15.1% from direct link)


107,884 monthly unique users


3,978 monthly unique users

The owner has also written an e-book that he’s excited to monetize, and willing include in the deal.

The business has taken the French speaking market by storm and is poised to see incredible growth into the non-French speaking markets through simple translation of existing materials and teaming up with global influencers. In addition, engaging in advertising, and developing Paid Media Campaigns through YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok is a sure revenue generator. Content is the bread and butter of the business, so the more dynamic and diverse the content (and the more niche the topics that can be covered), the more opportunities can be created.

This truly is a business with everywhere to go – online education is the future, and this is an opportunity to become the market leader in this growing niche.

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Listing ID:  WC2026

Asking Price
$ 5,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 2,454,046
Gross Income
$ 2,631,402
Year Established