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Full Service Marketing Agency Focused Solely in the Jewelry Sector – 3 Decades in Business and a Loyal Customer Base


Website Closers® presents a true gem of a deal. A B2B Marketing firm, the company boasts over 4 decades of experience offering Marketing & Advertising Services within the Jewelry Sector. They first built the foundation for their business off their Digital Marketing and Website Development, and, once their clientele was firmly established, went on to focus on their current lucrative niche. Not only do they provide an excellent digital marketing strategy, but they also work to guide their clients within a highly ambitious industry. They see gross margins of 51%, 20% net profit margins over the last two years, and a 25% CAGR. Their customers also tend to come away highly satisfied with their work, as along with the numerous inquiries they receive per week, they also have an incredible customer retention rate of 85%.

The jewelry market is massive. While higher-quality accessories can be on the pricier side, they see no shortage of demand. Whether a customer is looking for an engagement ring for their partner, the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, or even a reward for themselves after a hard week of work, the industry is there to provide. As such, it’s no surprise that the global market reached a massive $323 billion in 2020, or that there is a consistent stream of aspiring jewelry sellers- and, in turn- new clients for the company- entering the market every day.

The company has a wide range of clients, including retailers, manufacturers, designers, and importers. They offer a one-year plan to clients that comes with automatic month-to-month renewal, which, in many cases, leads to their customers staying on for seven years or longer. The company’s services are invaluable in an industry with constantly shifting trends and demands, motivating clients to stay on and take full advantage of their excellent marketing services.

The high quality of their services, coupled with the many years that the company has been established within the market, has led to them achieving an extraordinary reputation. Along with their strong customer retention rate, many of their clients are happy to spread their name through word-of-mouth, making for a healthy source of organic traffic.

Their reputation has led to high demand for their services, which, in turn, has let them cater to larger retailers. The company now works exclusively with retailers that bring in at least $2.5 million in annual sales, though their client base often goes higher. Several of their current clients exceed $10 million in sales, serving as a testament to how valuable the company has become. Their best-selling products consist of retainer fees and related services, followed shortly after by the fees that come from their website development work and digital commissions.

The heart and soul of the business consists of their seasoned team of employees. The staff includes an office manager, a digital vice president, a senior account coordinator, a graphic designer, and a social marketing coordinator. This team keeps the gears of the company churning and will save the buyer the hassle of seeking out qualified employees to handle the responsibilities that the business needs.

Additionally, along with this team, the two current owners have expressed willingness to stay on-board post-acquisition to make the transition smoother for the buyer. Both owners have an in-depth knowledge of what the company needs, and the jewelry market itself, and can stay on for 1 to 2 years to pass this information down to the buyer.

Unlike many of their competitors, the company rarely has to rely on traditional methods like cold calling to find new clients, as their reputation serves as its own form of advertising. However, they do employ some digital marketing tactics to grow their client base even further. Their team regularly writes articles for jewelry trade publications, and they run PPC ads on Google to keep a high ranking in search engines. They also consistently attend trade shows within the jewelry market and have crafted a highly successful newsletter for their clients to enjoy. This newsletter utilizes their database of over 3,000 designers, manufacturers, and retailers, and has become their top method of generating new customers and sales.

They receive 1 to 2 inquiries per week, with most clients reaching out to them instead of the other way around. While already highly successful, the company still has many ways to scale in the hands of the right buyer. They could continue their strategy of taking on larger retailer jewelers as clients, while also expanding into new market segments and geographic territories. As jewelry is popular around the world, there is a massive amount of untapped potential to be found by approaching clients in other regions.

The company can also add new services and build a stronger presence within the designer and manufacturer segment of the jewelry market. Improving their marketing campaign would also be a great method for scaling, with social media, in particular, posing a fantastic way of generating more organic traffic. Alternatively, they could create a digital advertising presence with top jewelry industry publications, which would let them appeal directly to their target audience.

The jewelry market is flourishing while continuing to grow by the day. There are plenty of new sellers and businesses, based in both eCommerce and brick-and-mortar storefronts, that are hoping to take advantage of this upward trajectory, and this acquisition is perfect for capitalizing upon the wave of fresh interest.

A veteran within a highly profitable field, this company’s unique services have attracted high-profile clients, and will only continue to do so with time.

If you’d like to hear more about this incredible deal, then contact Website Closers today to learn more.

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