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This company is a full scale, fully branded line of products in the Health & Beauty Sector. This exciting, high growth eCommerce Company continues to show amazing results, month over month. The company has built a proprietary, fully branded line of skincare products, whose primary sales channel is eCommerce, through both its branded website and Amazon represents roughly 85% of sales mix. The company has just touched the surface of where it can go, and can be scaled in a number of different directions, almost immediately following acquisition. The seller has a number of new products currently in the pipeline and has also started the process of scaling Internationally using the power of Amazon’s FBA warehousing.

The value propositions for this company are clear:

– A Branded product Line that provides Amazon Sellers with the ability to be present on the Amazon Brand Registry and ensures that the company will own the Buy Box and prevent ASIN merges of the products it sells.

– Profit Margins are far higher when selling your own, proprietary product lines vs the product lines of others.

– The element of command and control is more present when selling branded products.

– Branded products that do well on the Amazon platform also tend to do well within Google’s Search Algorithm for the keywords associated with the product lines.

– There are a number of scale opportunities available to this company, including adding addition products and beginning to sell products internationally via Amazon’s other International Platforms.

– A network of Affiliates could be added to sell the products.

– The products could also be sold to distributors and other retailers at wholesale.

This company has everything smart entrepreneurs, investors and lenders are looking for in an M&A tech opportunity: High Growth, Proprietary Product Lines, #1 Best Sellers within the Product Mix, Highly Scalable and Clean Numbers. This business will go under contract very quickly, so we suggest you get in touch with us right away.

This business represented by:
Tech & Website Business Brokers

Asking Price
$ 15,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 4,638,950
Gross Income
$ 11,700,000
Year Established

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