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The target is a Premium Domain in the Low Competition, Heavy Logistics Category of Garage Storage, Organization and related Accessories. This eCommerce Website has been in business since 2013 and continues to generate sales, with over $840,000 in sales generated in the last twelve months alone. The power of this business lies in its history as a go-to website for the sale of all things Garage, especially Garage Organization, Storage, Cabinets, Countertops, Flooring, Bike Racks and much more.

All products are currently drop-shipped directly from manufacturers, so no warehousing or related OPEX are necessary for ongoing operations. Daily workflow is very low for this business – with as little as 30 minutes to 1 hour per day needed, this website can be fully serviced at current levels.

Not only is the domain highly valuable by itself due to its historical reference as a leader in this space, but a large number of vendors have been in place for a number of years, which helps give the company stability and long term growth potential. The business has largely been ignored over the past several years as ownership focuses on other business interests outside of retail, so there is a significant opportunity for a business already in the vertical to take this domain and bolt it on to other ongoing operations. Or, a newcomer, looking to get into the Garage Category, could also use this as a platform for scale.

Scale for this business is enormous. The industry for Garage Cabinets is very small – only a few suppliers across the world. A company could purchase this business and create a proprietary brand of U.S. based cabinets that would do quite well using the experience gained through 6 years of historic sales to build the perfect Garage Cabinet. An expansion into other heavy logistics items, like outdoor kitchens, home generators, solar and home storage, and much more would be other easy to add product lines.

Additionally, the option for customers to purchase the products sold on this website through financing was added a few months ago but has not been pushed. Additional marketing for this opportunity could expand sales, and adding addition subprime lenders could add additional conversions to the mix – only customers with very high credit scores are approved at the moment, which results in many customers being turned down (about 75% of all customers currently requesting financing are denied based on their credit scores).

An additional, and massive, growth opportunity is to build a network of installers across the country to begin installing products sold on the site. Everyone that buys a system of garage cabinets through the website currently has to either install the cabinets themselves, or hire the work out. Connections with handymen and other contractors could allow for a drop down menu to be added to the site to pay for install up front – by tacking on a margin to those additional sales, profits could soar with very little additional effort needed on behalf of ownership.

This is a fantastic opportunity to jump into a growing retail market with highly consistent growth and robust infrastructure immediately at hand. Competition is low compared to most eCommerce opportunities because the products are large and bulky to ship.

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Asking Price
$ 165,000
Cash Flow
$ 46,218
Gross Income
$ 849,381
Year Established

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