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The target is a niche eCommerce Apparel & Clothing Accessories retailer offering a broad line of products targeted at politically-progressive Gender Neutral Millennials, among other demographically-focused themes, including Pop Culture and LGBT Pride. The company has a huge following on Instagram, achieving over 3,000 engagements per post.

The company is growing quickly due to its primary mission – celebrating the unique identities of its customers. The company believes that clothing is an empowering tool for self-expression that goes beyond the limitations of labels, which is why they are focused on gender-less clothing and accessories.

What is really interesting about the niche chosen by the entrepreneur operating this business is the fact that LGBT purchasing power is now over $1 Trillion – rivaling all other minorities and representing a massive segment of the population ready to purchase consumer goods. The combined buying power of U.S. lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender adults rose about 3.7 percent to $917 billion last year.

Seeing YOY growth and enjoying the flexibility of a 100% drop ship platform, this is a highly agile online retailer that has no concerns with inventory surplus or management. By not having the burden of holding inventory, the company is easy to transition and not heavily burdened by working capital concerns. Operating in a trending niche of a massively socially-driven sector, this company has found itself very well positioned for a great deal of future growth.

And with solid books and records, well qualified buyers could purchase this great business for as little as 10% down using our lending partners at Website Closers. This is a great opportunity to ROI quickly over a matter of months, and to have the business pay down debt service over an entire decade.

Selling exclusively on a highly polished, mobile-responsive website storefront, and boasting a desirable $42.00 average ticket price and nearly zero seasonality – this business enjoys a steady stream of repeat buyer traffic thanks to an organically-ranked online presence in conjunction with highly effective social marketing – over 74,000 followers on Instagram alone. Additionally, this Internet Business has yet to tap into direct email marketing, yet it includes over 15,000 opt-in email subscribers – an immediate marketing opportunity.

As noted previously, this business currently operates on a “drop-ship” model, meaning that all of the products that it sells are shipped directly from the company’s various suppliers. This is a great model where there is no need to purchase inventory up front, or to pay the expensive costs associated with warehouse and inventory management. All products are bought by consumers up front – and then inventory is ordered – a no lose model. All this company needs is a laptop and Internet Connection to continue operations, making it a 100% relocatable business, operable by almost anyone, anywhere in the world. This is also a fantastic opportunity to not only continue to grow the sales of other brands through the current supply chain, but also to take the lessons learned from other brands and to source products and create an in-house brand to boost profit margins.

Currently offering over 450 SKUs with considerable room left to grow the product line by adding additional SKU’s from existing suppliers (as well as new suppliers), this company is ready and able to instantly achieve scale by expanding into the most salient apparel/fashion and accessory sales channel in the world – While the business has a strong Instagram & Facebook presence and minimal ad word spending, little SEO or paid online marketing has been implemented to date. This business sees healthy traffic with over 24,000 unique visitors monthly, on almost entirely organic traffic alone – making it highly visible and well frequented. And even a modest PPC campaign on Google and Bing could boost sales right out of the gate.

Offered at a mid-tier valuation for an efficient sale, this streamlined and reliable eCommerce retailer is a good buy for just about anyone at any skill level – whether as a bolt on or a standalone revenue stream for the fast-moving entrepreneur of any flavor, this is a solid performer with plenty of room to grow.

This eCommerce Website is Represented by:
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Asking Price
$ 425,000
Cash Flow
$ 119,515
Gross Income
$ 275,863
Year Established

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