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Global SaaS Business for Sales Performance Management (SPM) | Full Suite of Tools | $3M ARR | $440k LTV | 2% Churn | 35% Margins | Fortune 500 Customers

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Website Closers® presents a leading SaaS company specializing in revolutionizing sales performance management (SPM) through commission and incentive plans. With a comprehensive suite of tools and features, the product empowers organizations to drive growth and maximize the potential of their salesforce- both internal and external (Dealers, Agents).

The Solution

At the product’s core is the ability to define commissions and KPI rules in a rich and flexible manner. This allows businesses to tailor their incentive structures to align with their goals and strategies. By providing a user-friendly interface, organizations can easily configure and customize commission plans to motivate their sales teams effectively.

The platform also offers robust reporting and dashboard functionalities, enabling real-time tracking of sales performance and commission calculations. With intuitive visualization tools, managers gain valuable insights into their teams’ productivity and can make informed decisions to optimize sales strategies.

One of the business’s key strengths is providing transparency to end users through mobile and web access. This gives sales teams instant visibility into their earnings, progress toward targets, and performance metrics. By giving them a clear understanding of their achievements, the platform fosters motivation and encourages salespeople to improve their performance, ultimately driving the organization’s success.

The solution, however, goes beyond commission management, encompassing workflows, simulation capabilities, reporting, control, payment approval processes, agreement and contract management, and dispute resolution. The platform automates time-consuming tasks, including loading row data, calculating KPIs, and generating payroll and payment files. These functions streamline operations, reduce errors, and save valuable time for the organization.

The services provided include implementation, integration, and ongoing support, ensuring a seamless transition and continuous assistance for clients. Contracts are for ongoing services, typically billed quarterly or annually. The average customer lifetime is over ten years, and the annual churn rate is just 3%. Digital marketing efforts are performed by a consulting and marketing company and amount to less than $50,000 each year. LinkedIn is utilized to reach particular targets for initial contact. The profile includes professional content regularly posted each month. Furthermore, an active Instagram page is designed to help prospective clients get to know the company, the people, and the corporate culture.

Lastly, the business is highly ranked in Gartner, assisting with customer acquisition.

Despite these straightforward methods and minimal investment—significantly lower than the industry average—the business is trending towards 25% year-over-year growth. Management constantly evaluates the marketing strategy, looking for new ways to reach the target audience. Combining traditional and digital marketing channels has enabled them to reach a wider audience and generate more leads and sales.

Customers & Employees

The typical customer is any business with over 50 payees (employees whose earnings are in part performance-based or external agents/dealers). These sectors vary but include automotive, high-tech, insurance, governments & institutions, FMCG, telecom, and marketing & advertising industries.

Around 40 employees work for the business in departments ranging from product development and sales to implementation. This reputable, tenured company has built a stellar reputation, as the many accounts that have been with it for over 20 years attest to. Consistently excellent results and customer satisfaction have resulted in continual growth, in no small part due to glowing feedback from clients and analysts.

The Future

A buyer can easily continue on the existing course to enjoy similar growth and profitability with little effort. However, various methods are available to ambitious new owners to scale it further and significantly boost the top and bottom lines. Although many clients are international, the focus has largely remained on the domestic Israeli market, presenting tremendous opportunities for geographical expansion. In addition, escalating marketing endeavors is low-hanging fruit. Scaling the current budget from 1% of total sales nearer to similar companies’ allocation of approximately 8% of their revenue would prove highly lucrative. Moreover, returning to tradeshows, where the company regularly had a presence pre-pandemic, would undoubtedly increase brand recognition and sales.

This Company is Represented by:

Website Closers

Software Business Brokers

WC 3302

Asking Price
$ 15,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 2,549,104
Gross Income
$ 5,794,000
Year Established

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