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Green Ecommerce Retailer – Glass Technologies & Home Decor – Shopify Sales Leader – Strong Growth – Seller Financing Available


A piece of history in your home. This eCommerce retailer leverages expert craftsmanship in order to bring their clients beautiful, eco-friendly style home decor. Their most popular item is one invented back in 1859, the storm glass. At the time it was used to forecast the weather, now we use them because they are beautiful and because they are a part of history. This elegant retailer utilizes white label shipping practices along with a convenient Shopify selling platform to bring their intricate pieces to their consumers effectively. This fully established brand carries a strong following and an email database consisting of 58,000 contacts, additionally, they leverage a multitude of powerful Facebook advertising campaigns. There is incredible room for expansion here, by expanding product lines and creating a branded line of glass decor, extending sales onto other platforms, and reaching out to consumers directly through paid social media as well as earned; an effective, business-minded buyer like you will take this promising company to a whole new level.

Catching the design eye of any fashionable consumer, these fascinating, hand-crafted home goods and glass technologies make popular gifts and interior design pieces. With all natural ingredients, the storm glass, trendy planters, vases, and other fantastic pieces are great style pieces that consumers love. Their best seller, the storm glass, is a wondrous glass technology that uses the liquid held inside to predict up to 9 different weather patterns. This eCommerce furniture retailer carries over 30 unique and stylish SKUs that each fall into a naturally inspired aesthetic. Due this company’s eco-friendly style, trending pieces, and popular aesthetic, it’s sure to grow effectively under the guidance of a capable new owner like you. 

This promising offering operates on an extremely profitable white label shipping model which maximizes the profit margin while minimizing overhead costs and in-house operational burdens. As there is little required to maintain this business, a new owner like you will be able to focus entirely on growth and strategic planning.

A few strong paths to successful scaling for this incredible opportunity include extending the current Facebook efforts and creating other social media pages such as Pinterest and Instagram which are very visually led platforms. With this company’s breathtaking aesthetic a foray into image focused marketing could be key. Much of this company’s success is due to its popularity as a gift source, leveraging this holiday specific and housewarming messaging would also prove exceedingly profitable. Additionally extending their selling platforms onto and Etsy will drive more brand awareness and overall sales. Taking advantage of this company’s extensive email list could also be a great way to encourage more traffic. Another profitable idea could be creating partnerships with interior design firms. With options like these and so many more this brand is sure to scale extraordinarily under your leadership.

At the moment, consumers, businesses, and interior designers are moving increasingly towards eco-friendly and solar products, in addition to their beauty the products provided by this eCommerce seller stand solidly within this market. With a multitude of hand-made products that include solar powered fairy lights, reusable containers, hemp rope, and minimalist planters this is a green brand with incredible appeal across the current market. This particular angle is extremely strong for this brand as it uses glass rather than plastic, natural wood, and hemp-based products which are rapidly growing in popularity.

An exceptional offering with unparalleled scaling opportunities and a promising brand standing, this B2C green retailer has an impressive year over year growth along with a solid track record of recurring customers and profit success. Uniquely poised to scale rapidly, this exciting investment is filled with unprecedented potential. Utilizing each of these competitive advantages an effective new owner like you is sure to drive incredible results.

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Listing ID:  WC2086

Asking Price
$ 449,000
Cash Flow
$ 223,103
Gross Income
$ 1,523,431
Year Established