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Growing Digital Marketing Agency for Small to Mid Sized Businesses – 1 Year Contracts


The business is a Digital Marketing Agency that specializes in providing small businesses with assistance with social media marketing, paid advertising, website development and email marketing. Offering services in graphic design, SEO, social media marketing and management, the business creates original content and manages content strategy. This Internet Company has a strong reputation in its space, and an established client base that can be easily leveraged through testimonials. This is a prime opportunity for someone with digital marketing experience, or someone looking to get in on the ground floor of a growing sector, to bring this exciting firm to the next level.

The company’s clients are currently small to mid-size local businesses, including gym owners, restaurant owners, doctors, etc. This allows for a huge opportunity to expand across the U.S. and Europe targeting small business owners. Referrals and testimonials are huge in the industry, and so promoting success stories with the small business owners is a great trust builder, and an easy revenue generator. To help with this, current owners have plans in place for a blog and YouTube channel.

No paid advertising has been explored to date, so scaling opportunities are wide open through traditional and digital marketing as well as referral programs and networking. SEO and Google Ads, focusing on small to mid-size companies looking for high quality digital marketing strategies is also an easy marketing avenue to pursue. Advertising in entrepreneurial magazines and blogs to develop social media presence is a long term strategy that could prove to be the most lucrative.

The business is a great opportunity for building cashflow, given clients are auto-billed every month with next-day deposit. This would be a strategic acquisisition if a buyer would like to stop spending on other digital marketing agencies and have its own in-house digital marketing team.

Light workload, 20-35 hours a week focusing on quality control and client management and communication. No training necessary, and no previous experience necessary. This is a perfect opportunity for someone experienced in digital marketing and SEO social media management.

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Listing ID:  WC1061

Asking Price
$ 475,000
Cash Flow
$ 136,317
Gross Income
$ 151,593
Year Established