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This company represents a highly profitable opportunity to step into a uniquely positioned, firmly established Amazon & eCommerce Internet Retailer in the ever-growing consumer recreational and outfitting market, focusing specifically on Outdoor Apparel, Footwear / Shoes and Gear. Running on a streamlined warehouse & drop-shipping hybrid model, this company has successfully realized year-over-year growth with minimal overhead. And the books and records for this business are very clean, qualifying it for SBA-backed financing with as little as 10% DOWN for the right buyer!

This exciting company continues to scale month over month on both its branded website, as well as on its Amazon Storefront. The business uses a smart product ordering process that is unique in eCommerce that provides a better opportunity to maximize cash flow, rather than pushing more and more capital into inventory. Such a system would work well in a number of other sectors, so just the knowledge of this inventory management system alone would be highly valuable in the hands of a portfolio entrepreneur. This unique system allows the company to order product daily, based on that day’s sales, and receive those products within 1-2 business days. By ordering inventory AFTER sales occur, no cash flow is used up by overloaded inventory. This relationship conveys with this deal and is an amazing value proposition for both profit and scale.

Whether its footwear, climbing gear, or highly specialized equipment for the most demanding enthusiast – the company maintains a broad and dynamic SKU lineup that is easy to move and presentable at all times – nothing but the most salient, high volume, top-brand products move across their listings.

With its low-overhead business model, it has maximized profits and minimized risk with its little need for high-maintenance human capital overhead, laying the foundation for incremental sales growth to be had via multiple venues. Whether you grow the SKU line, diversify into additional marketplaces, or look at building the company across Amazon’s International platform, this business is a well-oiled machine that needs only to go faster and farther under new ownership.

This business represented by:
Tech & Internet Business Brokers

Asking Price
$ 699,000
Cash Flow
$ 225,000
Gross Income
$ 2,500,000
Year Established