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The target is a consumer products brand that has developed an online emporium of targeted gifts created especially for girls aged 4 to 11+. Ethically sourced, premium quality and completely unique, the complete product line is designed to give girls plenty of choices to discover and develop their own style and design direction. Plus, many products sold by this eCommerce Retailer are up to half the price of B&M retailers for comparable products. In just three years, this business has snowballed from ideation to a major force in this enviable niche, producing TTM earnings of $818,000 on sales of $5.2 million, and growing.

This Internet Company primarily sells on the Amazon channel (3rd Party), with sales split almost equally between the US, Canada and five EU countries. However, significant investment has been made into its website storefront, which has the capacity to fulfill massive sales in both the UK & US through a variety of non-Amazon 3PL partners.

The Seller currently has a diverse lineup of 16 Trademarked SKUs selling across the US, Canada and the EU with an average order value of $15.99. Additionally, 15 more SKUs will be launched between July and September of 2019, ensuring that this Company’s almost vertical growth trajectory will only accelerate into a record-breaking Q4, given that all of this company’s products are perfect for any gift-giving season. Most of the existing SKUs have a Top 10 category ranking on Amazon, with many of them Ranked #1 in its category and designated “Amazon’s Choice”.

The product line consists of high quality items in categories such as beauty, stationery, arts and crafts and fashion accessories. All of the products are highly ‘giftable’ and on-trend, with branding that resonates strongly with the target audience. In this business, customers have found a reliable and reputable brand that can be purchased online and delivered quickly.

Scale potential for this branded performer is exceptionally desirable. This business is very well situated for wholesale distribution and the brick & mortar segment, thanks to its agile factory-direct and Amazon fulfillment platform.

With an extensive SKU lineup expansion from existing suppliers, this brand is a well-oiled machine built to suit just about any buyer targeting the eCommerce niche and would also make an excellent incremental acquisition for almost any eCommerce retailer in a related vertical.

This Consumer Products Brand Represented by:

Website Closers
Technology & Internet Business Brokers
Review Available

Asking Price
$ 3,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 818,059
Gross Income
$ 5,228,962
Year Established