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This Global Social Media Service Provider offers paid social media services from one convenient dashboard allowing clients to purchase views, likes, followers and much more for whichever quantity fits their needs. Ranging from an individual to enterprise level client, these services are tailored to suit any customer.  The company has led the market for YouTube services and other social media services since 2013 due to its unique offering and relationship with several service providers allowing them to offer a higher quality experience than others – making it a market leader, and requiring only a few hours of hands on work per week. Nestled nicely in  a standout in an industry, this business has plenty of room left to scale in the hands of any tech-savvy digital entrepreneur.

In this ever-evolving industry, this business has managed to remain relevant, and in the lead with 32 services generating a $32 average deposit, driving 21% YOY growth and 34% net margins. Thanks to client referrals, this business reputation is sterling – its product has effectively rendered paid SEO unnecessary for social media clients, and the company has maintained high rankings consistently allowing the business to boast 1.26 million registered users, 79,000 plus paid users, and an average of 7,000 unique daily visitors for 2019. Thanks to the ubiquity of social media, there is still plenty of room for expansion, with goals being global market expansion through site translation into other languages (current languages are Spanish and Hindi) in literally any market.

A fully developed infrastructure is already in place with well-established customer support and a highly turnkey API back end making this an easy business to fire & forget on day one thanks to a low maintenance requirement for ownership, and the highly automated nature of the platform.

27,000 clients were signed in 2019 alone allowing this platform to come complete with an existing database of over 662,000 email subscribers which makes implementation of improved email marketing strategy an easy and low-cost scale opportunity from day one, among others. Additional scale opportunities include initiating paid advertising campaigns, updating SEO, and creating social networking and marketing. The current service lineup can also be expanded by adding services for additional platforms like Facebook and Instagram, as well as offering boutique development services to net incremental customer traffic moving forward.

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Listing ID:  WC1066

Asking Price
$ 2,598,000
Cash Flow
$ 869,159
Gross Income
$ 2,976,287
Year Established