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Growing Nutritional Supplements eCommerce Brand – Highly Diversified Sales Mix – Exceptional Cash Flow


Website Closers® presents a super exciting, off-Amazon Nutritional Supplements Brand that is achieving unprecedented scale. While most Supplements companies have focused their efforts on Amazon, this business has focused more on other channels, including Native Marketing and Affiliate Marketing (CPA). The company markets a vast array of 100% all-natural nutrition supplements that have drawn in rave reviews from varied customers looking for anti-aging supplements, health improvements, and natural treatments to common issues such as tinnitus and joint pain.

The company currently uses a fulfillment center to handle all product sourcing, along with a powerful supply on demand method for complete supply chain optimization. This is a very rare supply and logistics relationship. Most supplements companies struggle with cash flow while they are growing (especially at the level seen by this company), but due to the relationships in place, no cash flow is used to buy inventory. Thanks to a strong relationship with manufacturers, no inventory is ever purchased up front. This alone is a massive and rare value proposition that cannot be overlooked. It makes the company far more valuable than competitors due to the fact that they do not have cash flow problems – ever. Their fulfillment center can easily handle hundreds of shipments per day which is bolstered exponentially by the recent addition of FBA services for the company’s Amazon Sales.

With an ever-increasing awareness of natural remedies across the global marketplace, people all over the world have begun relying on supplements like these as a tool for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This brand started out in 2015 with a highly acclaimed skin care supplement and has been consistently expanded since to carry more than 20 current SKUs that have led to several best sellers and a rapidly growing customer base.

The brand has become so successful that they average 300 to 500 orders per day, and they continue to craft and launch new products that will continue the company’s scale. In fact, product diversification remains one of the most guaranteed ways to scale this high repeat customer business. In an effort to boost sales, this company has recently begun selling on in addition to through their own website, but as noted above, it is a miniscule aspect of their current business. Combining with a firm that has experience on Amazon would be highly synergistic since this company has expertise off Amazon.

Expanding the company’s network of Affiliates and introducing new products to the market can achieve multiples of increases above current targets. Additionally, increasing the brand’s presence on Amazon as well as entering other eCommerce marketplaces, such as Walmart, iHerb and Target, would also provide promising opportunities for growth. And when there is no risk of buying additional inventory – why not scale large and wide!

Launching a comprehensive social media campaign in tandem with an influencer marketing initiative could be highly beneficial as well. Already implementing a phenomenally successful SEO program, this brand populates two informational news blogs that provide the latest health news on alternative medicine along with tips on how to adopt a healthier lifestyle. The data generated from and readers of these blogs can be highly useful to many operators already in the Supplements Space.

Operated in the steady and rapidly growing nutritional supplements space, this 6 year established brand targets Baby Boomers who have a strong standing as reliable repeat customers with tremendous disposable income. Giving their users the chance to look and feel younger, this brand capitalizes on compelling, proven offerings to drive immense profit. The company is realizing 24% net margins on around $30M in sales.

The company experienced quick, stunning success with its flagship plant-based skin care supplement, designed as a total skin rejuvenation package in one capsule. Both men and women were quickly raving online about the positive facial results they were seeing after taking it. This gave the company an invaluable industry standing that they have been able to use as a lucrative springboard ever since.

Creating a host of exclusive, high performing products, this company operates in a multitude of segments within the spanning supplement industry including health, beauty, and nutritional all-natural supplements. Just a few of their top sellers include products that assist with gastrointestinal cleansers, gut improving probiotics, vision restoration support, and joint health supplements for people of all ages.

The company’s laboratory-built health supplements are marketed as having the purest, most organic health ingredients that have been tested and proven effective for performance, vision, and to help customers bolster their appearance while repairing a host of internal health issues.

With 20 products in place that carry an incredible average order value of $200, the company has seen sales steadily rise to deliver a staggering 500 average daily orders. As the customer base continues to expand, the brand has earned massive email database of 150,000. Diversifying this already strong product portfolio is a reliable, proven, and lasting way of boosting profitability, especially with this brand’s considerable repeat order rate. This, in addition to their strong name recognition, and proven results combine to form a life-changing opportunity.

The three owners have built a fully dedicated team that transfers all operational aspects of the company along with the sale. In addition, the owners are interested in retaining equity, continuing to develop new products to launch, oversee strategy for marketing, optimizing existing offers, and enhancing affiliate relationships to get each new product out to market. Ownership believes this is a $100m+ company with the right partnership and are excited to see it grow to and past those levels. They are dedicated to seeing strong sales and profitability in anticipation of a second exit down the road.

The supplements industry is expected to remain a growing and tremendously active market.  The global market value of the industry was $124 billion in 2018, and it is projected to exceed $200 billion by 2026. Global cultures are moving more and more into the fit and healthy lifestyle which has led to a sustainable surge in the nutritional supplements industry. Growing alongside this market is the consumer demand for more organic products which this brand exclusively offers. Combining these incomparable niches, this company is a rare opportunity for lasting success.

The lucky new owner will have an exceptional opportunity to take over a widely recognized platform brand name. This company has developed its own unique products, and built up an incredible reputation through positive, verified reviews and proven products that keep consumers coming back.

Having established itself as a leader in providing supplements for everything from skin care to high blood pressure and nerve control, this brand carries boundless scale opportunities that any capable buyer could take full advantage of by continuing to develop new products while employing social media outreach for the first time to boost organic traffic. This is a company with extremely healthy profits and the devoted customer base to prove it.

This Nutritional Supplements Business Represented by:

Website Closers

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$ 45,000,000
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$ 9,381,154
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$ 38,495,283
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