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Hair & Skin Care eCommerce Brand | Exclusive, Proprietary Product Line | Mostly Amazon FBA Sales | $30 AOV | Strong Team in Place

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Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Company for Sale in the highly profitable Hair Removal Solutions category. Used by men and women alike, the company has spent a decade building brand reputation as the premier destination for customers looking for top tier waxing products. With a diverse product catalog of fully proprietary products sold under the company’s trademark, including a range of beauty and wellness products in four separate categories, the company is known today for providing innovative solutions for at-home hair removal routines.

In the past decade, sales have skyrocketed as the company found a strong platform on Amazon, where 90% of its sales occur. With fast deliveries and strong customer service being handled by Fulfillment By Amazon, this is a turnkey operation, and one that employs an experienced team to handle daily operations.

Business Highlights

This business represents a clear opportunity for a Buyer to acquire this company, and scale it rapidly by launching new products, expanding their wholesale accounts, and investing in an international expansion using Amazon’s foreign platforms.

With a loyal customer base, strong sales channels, and an increasingly diversified catalog, the company is enjoying sales year-round with strong peaks in the spring and summer months, when demand for their SKUs soars. This business gives a new owner the ability to quickly become a leader in the immensely profitable and evergreen $13.6 billion Haircare Industry.

The company has other strengths for a buyer to consider. The business maintains strong long-term relationships with its suppliers, and all its products are manufactured specifically for them and sold under their brand name. Products are sent directly to Amazon Fulfillment centers for shipment, and with a $30 Average Order Value, sales are not only thriving, but no single product dominates customer preference. In fact, the company has four top selling SKUs that bring in between 20% and 35% of their overall revenue.

The company’s reputation is exceptionally strong, since the brand is no longer known just for hair removal but for a comprehensive range of products designed to meet diverse needs. What the customers get is professional-quality results in their own homes, and their rave reviews have testified to that.

Business Broker Takeaway

Our analysis of this business revealed several key value propositions for a buyer looking for an online company enjoying soaring profits in an evergreen and high-demand vertical, with proprietary products and the ability to scale quickly. We anticipate buyers will recognize that value for 3 important reasons:

  1. Proprietary Products. Over the past decade, the company has developed a wide array of waxing products, including waxing kits, wax beads, warmers, and skincare essentials. These products are popular with customers who want to have a safe and user-friendly way to do hair removal at home. The company has expanded to include additional beauty and wellness products, including grooming tools and skincare essentials, which has enabled the brand to attract an increasingly diverse customer base.
  2. Multiple Sales Channels. Amazon has been the company’s strongest sales channel so far, making up 90% of its profits. The company uses Seller Central and takes full advantage of Fulfillment By Amazon for fast deliveries and expert customer service. The use of PPC ads on Amazon has helped put their products in front of new customers. However, the company is also starting to see rising profits on its Shopify website, and they are beginning to enjoy a more robust number of wholesale accounts, giving the brand options for growing beyond Amazon.
  3. Growth Opportunities: The company has a clear scale opportunity by diversifying its product line to meet evolving customer needs and new preferences, and there are plenty of opportunities to introduce new skincare products. This is a surefire way to attract a wider customer base and boost sales. The company could also launch international sales on Amazon and establish more distribution channels to boost B2B sales to retailers. As the beauty and wellness industry remains so vibrant, there are plenty of growth options for this brand to consider.

The Company

Launched in 2018, the company has its products – which are manufactured specifically for them – made at different locations, and then shipped to Amazon. The company prides itself on having the best quality products compared to competitors, and those SKUs attract both men and women who are interested in the conveniences of personal grooming at home. Their customers now come from diverse backgrounds and products are sold to both urban and suburban dwellers and people living in rural areas. Those buyers include many who make repeat purchases of waxing kits and related accessories, and customer loyalty gets stronger each year.

The company has special formulas designed exclusively for their brand and individual packaging as well.

Their sales peak during the warm spring and summer months when customers want to be outdoors looking their best and are eager to have smooth, hair-free skin when they’re out on vacation, at the beach, or attending special events. Although sales continue at a healthy pace throughout the rest of the year, the company’s marketing efforts and promotional activities are designed to capitalize on its peak season with that heightened demand.

Operations & Marketing

An experienced team is in place that includes two full-time warehouse workers, an Amazon marketplace operator, a controller, and contractors who handle design work, and social media and email marketing. The current ownership focuses mainly on product research and development, and branding.

The company traditionally stocked about 300,000+ SKUs in its warehouse inventory to keep up with demand. With most products now being shipped by the manufacturer directly to Amazon, the company could potentially shift all deliveries to FBA in the future.

Their marketing efforts have focused on Amazon PPC ads, while also using influencer campaigns on TikTok to build brand recognition. The company also runs PPC ads on Google to direct customers to its Shopify website and email newsletter sent out to 11,000+ subscribers. A more active social media marketing campaign would enable the company to drive sales higher, and so would a video marketing campaign on sites such as YouTube.

The current owner is willing to remain on in some capacity, working with the new owner to ensure there is a smooth and profitable transition.

This business represents the ideal opportunity for a buyer interested in the highly profitable online Beauty and Personal Care sector. The company enjoys strong recurring revenues, peak sales periods, a loyal customer base, and a strong turnkey operation through Amazon. With multiple ways to successfully grow this company, a buyer can quickly become a leader in the field of Hair Removal products.

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WC 3352

Asking Price
$ 500,000
Cash Flow
$ 206,968
Gross Income
$ 2,399,647
Year Established

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