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Handmade Jewelry eCommerce Brand that Connects its Products to Environmental Issues – Strong Social Media Following – Massive Scale Opportunities


Website Closers® presents an eCommerce company that has demonstrated its appeal within the highly lucrative field of jewelry and wearable accessories, although this brand has been unique by tying its sales to a major environmental cause. Marketing 8 pieces of handmade jewelry created from high quality natural materials, the company is also on a mission to support regions of the world that have been impacted by natural disasters such as wildfires and deforestation. Every bracelet they sell funds the planting and maintenance of a tree, and the company has demonstrated a solid appeal to women buyers who share their global outlook and passion for ecofriendly work.

This brand is operating within two enormously profitable fields. The global jewelry market is expected to reach $480 billion by 2025, with a significant growth rate due to an expanding economy and an increase in disposable incomes. Bracelets, which this brand markets, are expected to enjoy significant growth as well as bracelets are seen as a style statement by massive numbers of consumers. At the same time, the number of people who believe in taking care of our environment is growing rapidly, and that’s led to a shift in consumer sentiment in favor of supporting eco-friendly brands. New companies are popping up everywhere that allow consumers to purchase products that use less plastic, have recycled packaging, or promote sustainable goals. Green branding has become a very profitable business model, and business organizations have also found they can connect with customers by making a commitment to support trees and by contributing to efforts to reforest the plant. These companies enable their customers to feel like they’re connecting with and supporting nature, and it’s become a powerful marketing tool.

This brand’s high-quality SKUs, effective approach to marketing and strong environmental messaging have enabled them to connect with customers like none other. Their story is worth reviewing since the company has done everything right since they launched.

The brand set out to create uniquely designed bracelets and use those sales to raise awareness of regions around the world where wildlife is struggling because their habitats are being destroyed. The brand wanted to raise awareness of the impact a single tree can have in improving the planet, so they made a commitment to customers to plant a tree in the ground for every product sold to help renew affected areas.

The company has initially developed 8 products, bracelets that are designed for both women and men, which come in multiple colors and are adjustable to fit both adults and children. These products are sourced from Asia, and sold under the company’s brand and shipped in custom packaging. The number of SKUs can be drastically increased over time with very few limits in place.

Social media became a critical tool for reaching people who liked the look of their jewelry and appreciated their environmental and ecofriendly messaging. Their Instagram account, which now has 10,400+ followers, is divided between photos of their SKUs and a message about how forests provide the habitat for significant numbers of wildlife. The brand’s Facebook page, which also has attracted 10,000+ followers, does the same. These posts have been successful in enabling the company to engage quickly with viewers.

The company also runs paid media, and after a year they have been generating 14% of revenue from PPC.

Email marketing contributes to their growth as well. Their email database has grown to a hefty 14,000+ subscribers, and their regular email newsletters promote flash sales, product launches, and updates on efforts to help regions impacted by deforestation. These emails are sent out every 1 to 3 days, and have helped increase their Return Customer Rate, which is now at 15% and rising.

The brand’s SKUs are priced at $29.95, but because of promotions and repeat business, the customer lifetime value is now around $58. Their typical customer is a woman between the ages of 50-65+, who has grandchildren and likes to buy gifts for them. These customers usually will buy a bracelet for themselves first to check out the quality, and often return to buy more of their SKUs for members of their family.

Like all eCommerce brands operating in the jewelry niche, the company found that sales spike significantly over the holidays and their SKUs are popular holiday gift items. Days devoted to celebrating our global environment, such as National World Day, have also proven to be useful times to boost sales.

A major focus is placed on customer service at this company. Customer inquiries are answered quickly; the brand offers fast and reliable shipping anywhere in the world, and all products are handmade to ensure the item is unique and made to the highest standards.

The company sells exclusively on its website and could launch its SKUs on sites such as Amazon and Etsy, introducing their products to the enormous audience for those sites. These products are exactly the kind of handmade products you find on Etsy – it is a natural next step for this business. Efficiently automated, this company now requires just 12 hours per week to operate, with tasks limited to communicating with suppliers, ordering inventory, and handling marketing. The company has one part-time employee who handles customer service emails. Environmental messaging has become a top selling point for companies eager to demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainability and a healthy planet and this company is well positioned to continue this messaging while providing a nice lifestyle for the next owner.

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